Suh Is Up To It Again

During the season finale between the Packers and Lions, Ndamukong Suh was videoed stomping on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. It appears that Suh is following up on his long line of stomping incidents. Most people are labeling Suh as classless, and that means that Suh has even more of a bad reputation to carry around with him.

Suh says that he did not stomp on Rodgers on purpose, and this is a problem for the people in Detroit. My coworker Sam Tabar was talking about how the Lions need to decide if they want to give Suh a lot of money at the end of the season. He is the reason their defense is so very good, but he is also a constant source of headaches. They never know when he is going to snap, and they have no idea how bad the penalty could be the next time he gets dinged for stomping someone.

Defense wins championships, but lack of character from a guy on the defense could lose a team a championship. The Lions need to figure out if they want to move forward with someone who has been caught doing this very same thing many times over. He keeps denying it, but everyone knows what is going on.

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