RGIII Back to Practice for Washington

Often injured and often maligned quarterback Robert Griffin III has returned to full time practice for the Washington Redskins. With a full practice under his belt the athletic former Heisman winner has a chance to suit up and play this Sunday in Minnesota against the Vikings. The Baylor alum has been sidelined from play since suffering an ankle injury on September, 14th. If you watch the video, then you will see that it is pretty remarkable that Griffin is even able to take the field this season, the injury looked pretty awful but it does help that the Baylor alum is in incredible physical condition.

Kirk Cousins started out hot as Griffin’s replacement but was quickly brought back down to earth after being prone to turnovers.

Washington still sits with an unremarkable record of 3-5 but they are far from being considered out of playoff contention. Keep your head up Brian Torchin, at least y’all beat the Cowboys. Many Redskin fans would prefer to keep the hot hand McCoy under center but in the big picture RGIII has more talent, more starting experience, and gives the team the best chance to win.

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