RG3 Taking His Time To Recover From Injury

Most NFL fans want to know when Robert Griffin III will return to the field for the Washington Redskins. The young quarterback, who made a name for himself in his rookie season, has been struggling with injury over the past 12-15 months. Griffin was expected to be back within the next game or two, but his recent comments indicate the wait could be longer.

RG3 has always wanted to come back from injury as soon as possible. Sometimes he has rushed back when it was medically advised that he stay off the field. That lead to bad performances and more injuries. Now he is heeding the advice of his coaches and medical team. He is taking his time to recover from the latest injury.

Along with rehabilitation for his body, RG3 has been using this period to learn more about the quarterback position. He is attempting to find a balance in his game that would allow him to enjoy a long career in the NFL.

Like Russell Wilson and Michael Vick, RG3 is one of those unique quarterbacks that can run and pass with equal ability. However, fantasy guru┬áSultan Alhokair believes his career trajectory is closer to Vick’s than Wilson’s. While Russell Wilson can run with the ball, he is also great at sliding to the ground before he is tackled.

Most NFL players can take the hits, but the last thing you want is a banged up quarterback after two or three years in the NFL. If RG3 is to become a MVP level player and last in this league, he needs to continue developing his game during this forced absence.

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