Reggie Wayne Departing From Indianapolis Colts

It has been announced that wide receiver Reggie Wayne will not be returning to the Indianapolis Colts this fall when the new NFL football season starts. This announcement might come as a shock to many people, because Wayne has played more games for the Colts than any other player in the league.

According to an article on Yahoo! Sports, Reggie Wayne is going to become a free agent as of Tuesday because the Colts has formally told the media and the rest of the sports world that they are officially not bringing him back to the team. While the Colts put out their statement as saying how much they adore the player who has stood alongside them for 14 years, they have to let him go for the greater good of the team. It does sound like this was not a decision that Wayne would have liked to happen, but apparently his playing skills have depleted some over the last couple of years. The owner of the Colts, Jim Irsay, even gave his personal opinion of Wayne calling him “family” and saying that he very much looks forward to seeing him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Reggie Wayne has just recently gotten surgery done on his triceps which were injured last year, and might mean that he won’t play much next season. However, I hope some other team picks him up this coming season, Jason Halpern and I were always huge fans of his.

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