Ray Rice Claims NFL Punishing Him Twice and Wins His Appeal To Play

Ray Rice is a free agent and eligible to play immediately now that he has won his appeal against the NFL. Ray Rice had been suspended from playing since September 8th for knocking his then-fiance Janay Palmer unconscious in an Atlantic City elevator on February 15th. On February 22nd, TMZ released the video from the elevator. The NFL had suspended Rice for 2 games before the video of the incident became public. Rice claims that the NFL had therefor already punished him. He argued that the indefinite suspension that came out of the video release was unwarranted. The NFL claimed that they had not received all the facts at the time of the first suspension. Rice had in the meantime accepted a pre-trial program that will send him to a rehabilitation program for first-time offenders. On May 23rd, Rice married Palmer. They had entered couples therapy, and Palmer has since said that she regrets her part in the affair.
Presumably Rice won his appeal because Raven’s manager Ozzie Newsome said that Rice had confessed to commissioner Roger Goodell at the time of the first suspension. This technicality helped him, at least according to Ray Lane. Goodell denied that. Of course, this is the same Goodell that was so thoroughly criticized for the lenient sentence that he had to apologize to owners and strengthen the league’s domestic violence policy. Make of that what you will.

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