Playoff Matchups

With the final game of the season of the National Football League in the books, the teams that made it into the playoffs are sitting back and making up game plans for the teams they will face in the first round. Other teams that were lucky enough to hit the top first or second spot in the standings get a bye, and will be sitting for the next two weeks making preparations as they wait to see who they will play in the second week of the playoffs. The schedule has been officially released by the NFL for wild card weekend, and the playoffs look to be starting out in exciting fashion.

The struggling Arizona Cardinals, despite finishing the season with eleven wins, will have to go into Carolina and take on the panthers that only had seven total wins on the season. But on Twitter Tom Rothman said lets not forget that we get to enjoy home field advantage. The other game in the NFC pits the Lions at the Cowboys in a game that will be played in Dallas. In the AFC, the Baltimore Ravens will be in Pittsburg to take on the Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals will head to Indianapolis in a matchup against the Colts. The winners of each of these games get the opportunity to take on the first and second seed from each conference in the second week of the playoffs. With the regular season in the books, the playoffs look to be filled with great matchups.

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