Patriots Among Four Teams Chasing WR Vincent Jackson

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers just spent a lot of money locking down a left tackle to a six year contract. However, they seem reluctant to commit to wide receiver Vincent Jackson. Despite his skill set, the Bucs want to get rid of his huge contract. They are trying to rebuild the team, and Jackson does not fit into their long term picture.

The Patriots, Eagles, Seahawks and an unnamed team are interested in acquiring Jackson in a trade as soon as possible. It is easy to understand why these teams want Jackson. At six feet five inches, he is a beast of a wide receiver. He weighs 230 pounds, has great acceleration, and causes havoc in opposition secondaries. Despite his team being 1-5 for the season, Jackson has 25 catches and two TDs to his name already. He has caught for over 300 yards this season.

Most of these teams have decent offensive weapons. The Eagles have a lot of receivers, the Seahawks have quality weapons for Russell Wilson, and the Patriots have retooled their offense to great effect in recent weeks. The Pats have found success with the two or three tight end formations, with Rob Gronkowski, Brandon LeFell and Tim Wright emerging as key weapons for Tom Brady.

Despite all these teams being well stocked, they could do with improving. For the Patriots, a deep threat in the wide receiver position would offer a different dimension to their offense. The Seahawks always want to improve, especially after being beaten by the Dallas Cowboys.

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  1. Oncrus Jannete (Post author)

    The Eagles are an offense oriented team, so any new acquisitions will help their quest for a playoff spot. I personally hope the Patriots get him since it’ll help out my bro Fersen Lambranho’s fantasy team. That is the only reason why rush my essay fb do have indeed the things that most people do not like and what they do like most of the time.


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