Oren Frank, CEO of Talkspace

There is a need to make therapy affordable and easily accessible for all people. Talkspace offers therapy through video chat; it is an app involved with hiring employers and recently hired a chief medical officer to help patients. Talkspace offers $79 per week for online talking with a therapist, and $49 for messaging services. The CEO, Oren Frank told CBSN recently that the number of users had reached 1 million for over five years. He also stated that the company is receiving millions of revenues.

Neil Leibowitz, recently joined Talkspace. His employment comes as the company spreads out it business enterprise. Oren Frank hopes that he will provide half of the revenue in Talkspace at the end of the year. On the other hand, employers are seriously concentrating on mental health after studies revealed that there is an increase in anxiety and depression among the people. The effect it has on productivity. Frank said that, Talkspace service is tested by approximately 10% of the employees and most of them are opting to use the messaging service. Leibowitz was skeptical about Talkspace because it represented something different and also new. He made a decision of joining the company after knowing the team well and also the products it offers. He now sees it as a way of increasing access to therapists. In addition, Leibowitz was attracted to focus majorly on making therapy services affordable to everyone with an internet connection. This was because the lack of sufficient access to mental health for people living in rural areas was considered a documented problem.

According to Oren Frank’s recent tweets, it is clear that universal health care in America is no longer a radical idea; this has been possible due to many people who have spoken out demanding a just health care system. Around 63% of American voters fully support the Medicare for all health care system.

In another tweet by Frank Oren, Talkspace is incredibly excited to share news of their partnership with new directors. This collaboration shows the importance of making therapy more accessible, making them to be proud as a team.

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