Nina Vaca: Graciously Leading Women to Pursue Entrepreneurial Prosperity

Nina Vaca is a woman with a success story that exemplifies the type of power that any aspiring individual can have over their fate when they strive to be fearless in a world full of adversity. Born into a family of Hispanic immigrants, Vaca quickly learned, thanks to the cultural prejudices she endured from others, that she would have to assume control over her own desires and goals in order to have a chance of succeeding in life.

After attending and graduating from Texas State University, Vaca has used her knowledge to explore entrepreneurship. With her heart and mindset toward maximizing every opportunity that she could to help herself and others alike, Vaca founded Pinnacle Group when she was in her mid-20s.

Established by Vaca in 1996, Pinnacle Group operates as an IT staffing firm that has grown to become one of the largest of its kind in the nation. Moreover, not only is it classified as a leading firm, but Vaca has led Pinnacle Group to establish the honorary recognition of being one of the fastest growing female-led companies in the U.S. Through the great philanthropic efforts of Pinnacle Group, Vaca has been able to work alongside other foundations and programs that aim to assist Hispanics and women and increase their chances of becoming business leaders. Since developing the Nina Vaca Foundation, Vaca has played a huge role in helping aspiring business women and families all over the world by raising money to help fund career and lifestyle essentials.

Furthermore, as the CEO and chairperson of Pinnacle Group, Vaca has had the extended opportunity to serve as the director for three other large publicly traded corporations. Through her remarkable civic leadership and business achievements, Vaca has worked with several organizations and been recognized with numerous awards.

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