Don Ressler Leads Fabletics in Innovating Fashionable and Comfortable Active Wear

For a long time, women had to choose between buying fashionable and affordable athletic wear. When Fabletics came into the market, it was a game changer. The brand made it possible for women to access comfortable, stylish and affordable activewear. Fabletics was established in 2010 by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler.

Before designing the sportswear brand, Don and Adam took time to study the market trends. First, they realized that consumption of activewear had hit an all-time high during that year. They knew that this trend would not go down soon. Their other observation was that the activewear availed in the market did not meet the clients’ needs and expectations. They carried out consumer tests to understand what clients wanted. From these experiments, the duo concluded that consumers were having a hard time finding outfits that they could look good in without spending heftily.

By the time Fabletics joined the market, there was already a host of other providers. Therefore, Don and Adam knew that they had to develop strategies that would make them stand out from their competitors. Don Ressler contracted Kate Hudson to be the face of the brand. As the spokeswoman for the organization, Hudson created relationships with the consumers. She had an appealing look, and she was friendly. By that time, branding in the fashion industry was ubiquitous, so having Kate on board gave Fabletics an upper hand.

Within no time, Fabletic’s online presence had hit the roof. Besides selling online, another strategy that helped Fabletics grow at a high rate was the discount pricing system. The scheme enabled individuals to sign up as Fabletics VIP by paying $50 monthly. As a VIP, one would enjoy discounted prices, reward points for purchases made and free shipping.

Don Ressler is pleased with the outcome of his hard work towards developing a brand that ladies looking for activewear can rely on. The economics of sportswear that is both affordable and effective have proven that ladies’ sportswear can be functional and fun. He promises to keep innovating products that are both fashionable and cost-effective.

Don Ressler is not willing to get comfortable with the current status. He is planning on expanding their market by aiming at making clothes for plus size women. The move has been received well since it gives larger ladies who would like to cut off some weight to do so in a fashionable and less costly way.

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