Carolina’s Problem

Cam Newton is a very interesting player in the National Football League. He appears to think that he is a legend already, despite putting up major numbers for the Carolina Panthers and having a truly mediocre career thus far. They did make the playoffs, but they didn’t even win eight games this season, yet Cam seems to think that he is an outstanding player in the league. It isn’t as much about the lack of numbers that he has put up, but what he says to the media in interviews that is so disgusting about the Carolina Panthers quarterback. He stated earlier this year that he wants everything the NFL has to offer. According to Dave Morin,He said he wants all the money and all the attention. He literally said that he wants all the money and the cars and the fame that can be brought to him through the NFL. It is pretty ridiculous when you consider that he’s not even close to the top ten in the National Football League and is on a team that squeaked into the playoffs because their division is so terrible. It has been proven time and time again, those players that possess that egotistical, pompous, prima donna type attitude do not go far in the league. His personality is very reminiscent of Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco, who were both hall of fame type players that are now retired and are bankrupt and owe the IRS big amounts of money.

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