What Freedom Checks Are And How Investors Can Get Them

Matt Badiali is an investment advisor known for his excellent results and unique research methods. Before recommending people invest in oil, he talks to T. Boone Pickens and visits the oil fields. He interviews mining industry CEOs and splashes through the muck and mire talking to workers to verify the veracity of the claims of producers of other natural resources before talking about them in his Real Wealth Strategist monthly investment advice newsletter. Now, Matt Badiali is promoting freedom checks people can get when they invest in the Master Limited Partnerships driving America’s energy independence. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.

Freedom checks are the payments investors get from the Master Limited Partnerships each month or quarterly. They can be 5,889%, 8,839%, 39,832% or more of people’s investment. The law says 90% of the profit Master Limited Partnerships make must go to their investors. In the next 12 month that can total over $34.6 billion in freedom checks. With his degrees in earth sciences and geology from Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University and 20 years of research experience, Matt Badiali is considered an expert when it comes to agriculture, energy and mining industries.

It is that expertise, indepth knowledge of America’s vast natural resources, understanding of the country’s commitment to energy independence and first-hand experience with the work of the Master Limited Partnerships, that has led Badiali to tell his readers about freedom checks. The success the fracking industry has enjoyed also bodes well for the growth of America’s energy self-sufficiency and the size and number of those freedom checks. There are over 568 MLPs working nationwide. Each one generates billions in profits they must give to investors via freedom checks.

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The money in the freedom checks is tax-free. The law states it’s a repayment of the investor, not a dividend. People who sell their investment in the MLPs pay capital gains tax, not the more expensive income tax rate. America is in the process of ending its dependence on Middle Eastern oil. Investing in MLPs helps with that process. And the investors will be rewarded not only with a country that’s more self-sufficient, but with large freedom checks as well.

It’s easy to purchase shares in Master Limited Partnerships. Investors can receive their freedom checks in the mail or deposited into their brokerage account. Once again, Matt Badiali has identified a great investment opportunity for the readers of his Banyan Hill published newsletter. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

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