Wade Phillips To Handle Broncos Defense

The Broncos have brought in Wade Phillips to handle their defense. Fans like Brian Torchin view this as smart hire for a team that needs to develop its defense as fast as possible while it decides what it is going to do with the offense.

The Broncos want to have a place where they can rest, and they need to rest on their defense while they are trying to make their offense work properly. Wade Phillips has been in the league so long that he remembers where there was not a team in Denver, and he will be able to make quick work of the defense for the team.

This is the experienced hire that helps the Broncos improve, but it also puts an assistant head coach on the sideline. Gary Kubiak can run the offense, and he will never had to think about the defense because it is going to be managed by someone whose family practically invented coaching. We all know that Wade will not coach for very long, but he could put the Broncos on a path to greatness that they will need if they are going to compete for a championship or two in the next few years or so.

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