Victoria Doramus Brilliant Contributions to the World of Marketing

Lifestyles, designs and overall consumer trends are some of the relatively complex niches in the world of advertising. However, these three critical niches have been Victoria Doramus area of specialty over the years. She is synonymous with well-thought policies and approaches for companies aiming at making these three areas more profitable and finally sustainable. Her expertise and excellence in these fields are a result of her strong work ethics, her educational background and her experience in the advertising world. The University of Colorado graduate has not only helped hundreds of companies to get back on their profitability path, but she has also helped them get more sustainable advertising models. This unmatched knowledge on what can work is pegged on her time in the media world.

Apart from having a successful career, approach to voluntary work defines a professional. Victoria Doramus, for example, has been the standard definition of giving back especially to courses she believes in their vision. Some of the notable organization she is passionate are the following. First, she is part of the Best Friends Animal Society family. Through this organization, she has been able to contribute to animal shelters and animals rescue missions.

Second, Doramus is also part of Room to Read family. Through this organization, she is able to contribute her time and resources to hundreds of families through educational programs. Through Room to Read family, she has also interacted with some of the best brains from low-income families and in return, get inspired for her various assignments. By this organization also, she has been part of the team that is making a difference to thousands of kids around the world especially in Africa and part of Asia.

Since Victoria Doramus is a firm believer of a drugs-free society, she has been part of The Amy Winehouse Foundation family over the years as a volunteer. Her time has been vital in transforming young people who are in drugs and other unproductive behaviors. It is impressive to note that through her contributions in terms of resources and time, these young people can use arts, especially music to bring changes in their communities.

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