The Positive Impact Jim Tananbaum Has Brought To The World Of Healthcare

Jim Tananbaum is a professional in the health care field and established Foresite Capital. He has founded two healthcare practices specializing in investments in addition to two biopharmaceutical companies. His investment experience goes back 25 years and he has helped several prestigious firms. Jim Tananbaum is well respected in the industry. He attended college with his focus on computer science and electrical engineering and graduated with several degrees. He believes science is directly connected to healthcare and feels new insights will cause an evolution in the industry. Visit Bloomberg for more info

The future of healthcare is a passion for Jim Tananbaum and he understands any solutions require a lot of time and money. He collects any published information regarding healthcare to find solutions with high chances of success. Jim investments include 77 companies in medical services, genomic sequencing, biopharmaceuticals, and diagnostics. The most important thing in his life is his family and despite his busy career he makes time for both his family and his friends. He admits at heart he is an academic and this is partly why he has achieved success as an entrepreneur. He says if he were able to go back in time he would have had more faith in himself and his abilities.

According to Business Wire, Jim Tananbaum has dedicated himself to the world of healthcare which was the reason he founded Foresite Capital. His firm locates the leaders in the world of healthcare so he can help the field grow, achieve profitability, information, networks, and funding.

Intarcia is the biggest investment his company has ever made and their specialty is diabetes. Twice every year a type II diabetes implant is used so patients can lose weight and gain control of their diabetes. He believes this will eventually impact the condition of diabetes the same way birth control was impacted by the IUD. Throughout the world 350 people suffer from obesity or diabetes. His belief is millions of people will receive help due to this product and the launch is scheduled for the United States towards the end of 2017. Jim Tananbaum also works in the field of glaucoma treatment which is affecting forty million people across the world. Follow Jim Tananbaum on Twitter and on Facebook:

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