The New Learning Strategies as Envisioned by Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter school located in Redwood City in California. The learning center has gained national recognition for its supportive activities towards poor and immigrant students. Eight years down the line, the school has launched its first institution with hopes to enroll about one million students from different towns. The institution highly rates its students whereby it offers them extra teachings and computerized learning. According to reports, if Rocketship Education manages to achieve its goals, then this move would put it on the same scale as the other top schools in the New York City such as the New York City’s School District among others.

The San Jose church school has received critics on its ambitious plan. Residents have claimed that the whole project would affect the traditional learning institutions that in return saw it grow. However, the school’s CEO maintains that despite the difficulties that Rocket Education has been through, it will forever remain the best school. The institution however, has a vision to put up an additional eight bay area school in three year time. Mr. Smith states that, Rocketship Education is planning to triple its size so as to be able to accommodate 13000 students; therefore, he has urged the long awaiting parents to be patient.

Rocketship Education has come up with a new technique that has resulted in tremendous success. With vision to outshine other schools with similar students in scores, the school’s management has decided to employ graduate teachers from only the recognized institutions. Rocketship’s enthusiastic dedication towards poor/immigrant students, has earned it an award. The awarding was mainly for putting students on a score board closer to the other wealthier students. Equally, it has also attracted investment to the school hence, improving its economic status. Teachers at Rocketship are aggressive and dedicated to long hours of work, with vacations of about five weeks only.

The state is the primary financial support for Rocketships annual budget. According to recent news, Rocketship has been receiving about $52.6 annually for its budgeting purposes excluding the separate entity and Launchpad. Rocket education’s eight school project has not yet been achieved, but the management has worked hard to add other two institutions in the previous year, and is looking forward to constructing two more this year. Despite the challenges, Rocketship is more focused on discipline, attention to safety, and putting much attention to the advertisement of its other upcoming institutions.


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