OSI Food Solutions is a fast-growing company with a track record in partnering with companies and organizations to provide them with food. OSI Food Solutions has expanded over the years and now operates in close to 20 countries and has thousands of employees. OSI is good in doing business, and its brilliance is yet to be paralleled with any other organization. OSI’s first base of operation was in Oak Park where it started as a small meat market.

OSI was founded by Otto Kolchowsky in the year 1909, and despite being a successful company right now, its headquarters are still situated in Illinois as a sign of appreciation. Otto Kolchowsky arrived in the USA by boat and to earn a living he opened his meat market. He provided one of the best quality meat in the town he was living in, and this gained Otto, a lot of customers.As more customers were attracted to Otto’s meat, his small business expanded over the horizon, and soon Otto was delivering meat to other towns. The first breakthrough for the company came when an entrepreneur from Illinois showed interest in the business. The entrepreneur, Ray Kroc had just received the go-ahead to open a burger restaurant, and Otto was employed as the supplier of beef patties. To know more about the company click here.

In 1973 Otto & Sons launched its first meat plant that specialized in freezing meat products and shaping meat patties. Freezing of products was done by use of liquid Nitrogen. Two years later the company changed the name from Otto & Sons to OSI Food Solutions as a reminder of the early days of the company the initials O and S were still used.OSI made further partnerships that enabled it to expand into the huge company that it is right now. OSI Food Solutions has an advantage as it has access to the food supply chain in the world. This enables the company to buy the best goods and products that fit their customers’ needs. The goods are acquired at a low price and are of the best quality in the market. They require less preparation time than other food products a factor that attracts more customers to OSI Food Solutions.

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