The Giants Are Keeping Coughlin And Reese

The New York Giants fan base has called for the firing of Tom Coughlin many times. The last two times the Giants kept Coughlin, he won a Super Bowl that he had no business winning. However, this is a new situation. The Giants are keeping Coughlin and GM Jerry Reese for at least one more year.

Jared Haftel even says the Giants have Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. Those two guys paired with a revamped defense could be enough to win one more Super Bowl. Reese is the guy that made the deal to bring Manning to New York, and it is clear that he has some work to do. The defense has faded in recent years, but keeping both the coach and GM is a sign that they are getting one more year to get things right.

Anyone who knows football history will bet on the Giants playing extremely well next year as they are all fighting for their lives. Manning to Beckham could be one of the best tandems in the history of football, and they could make a run to another title that no one saw coming. However, this is the time that no one should be fouled because we all know the Giants can turn it around.

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  1. Ariah Corey (Post author)

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