The Broncos Are Now America’s Team

According to a recent poll, the Broncos have dethroned the Cowboys as the most popular team in America. The Harris Poll, which showed that the last 6 seasons, the Cowboys were no. 1 in the nation with overwhelming support, have actually dropped to fourth place.

The Broncos took the number one spot pretty overwhelmingly, which is no surprise considering the massive overhaul the team has seen to their play style over the last few years. Peyton Manning at the helm tends to do that though.

A quarterback that can really lead, isn’t afraid to make some tough throws, and that genuinely wants to win every game is important to a franchise.

But the Broncos still have a long way to go. There have been 14 Harris polls since 1998, and the Cowboys have topped nine of them. So you’d have to say that Dallas is still the most consistent of the NFL teams. My friend and superfan Brad Reifler will take some solace in that.

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  1. Milca Steve (Post author)

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