Surprise Twist For Super Bowl Teams


The teams that made it to the Super Bowl this past weekend has left many wondering, What Happened? It appeared that the Packers had everything wrapped up and simply needed to hold on to their lead for the final minutes of the game. This was far from true, for the Seahawks were not ready to give up.

What is being touted as the biggest win in Championship history, the Seahawks eradicated their 12 point deficit to come back and take their rightful place at the Super Bowl. The turnaround is one that no one saw or expected. According to SF Gate, Russell Wilson obviously did his homework and got his team together to dig deep and take what hey wanted.

Fans of the Seahawks, like Dave and Brit Morin, were grim about the possibility of their team making it to the big game. Why not? They team had experienced four interceptions and five turnovers during the game. They had no score by half time, and the team had appeared to have given up.

After half time it was amazing how the rallying of the team led to an amazing and astonishing win over the Packers. It did not even seem as if the Packers could believe what was going on the field as they were playing. This win has also rallied fans ton hope big and dream for a second win at the Super Bowl by their team. Can it be done? Why not? No one even thought they would get the chance to try.

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