Sudhir Choudhrie, a Businessman, Philanthropist, and Author

Sudhir Choudhrie can look back to his early childhood in Delhi. His mother was one of the greatest influences on his life after his father died when he was a young boy. He was later able to attend the University of Delhi where he earned his bachelor’s degree.

Sudhir Choudhrie became an entrepreneur at an early age. Shortly after his graduation, he founded his first business. This involved buying TV equipment. His purchases were made in the United Kingdom. He then sold the equipment to the Indian government. At the time India was growing its first television network. He expanded his business, became an exporter and sold farm machinery. His major customer was the Soviet Union. At the time this was the biggest trading partner with India.

Later Sudhir Choudhrie created the Magnum International. This was in 1975 and he focused on the export markets. At the Alpha C&C Group, he served as vice-chairman. This is the holding company he used for investments. His diverse background included his directorship of the airline company, Deccan Aviation Ltd as well as Kingfisher Airlines. He also served with a travel website, Ebookers.

Sudhir Choudhrie is a major supporter of different philanthropic groups consisting of causes as well as institutions. He has supported the Green Templeton College for many years. He has been honored there with a library being named to honor him. He also was honored with an honorary Radcliffe fellowship. Since its inception in 2007, he has been a major supporter of GTC Emerging Markets Symposium.

Sudhir Choudhrie has also been a major supporter of Columbia University Medical Center. Located in New York City, New York, a professorship in cardiology honored him by establishing it in his name.

His family has joined together to support several charities. The Path to Success charity, based in the United Kingdom, promotes educational endeavors that result in helping people with disabilities and also helps the homeless. Choudhrie’s wife, Anita led a fundraiser to buy 60 wheelchairs for 60 United Kingdom NHS hospitals. It also supports a trust, in India, named the Amar Jyoti Trust. It provides a variety of programs for able-bodied and disabled children.

Choudhry is also an author with From My Heart: A Tale of Love, Life, and Destiny. This autobiographical book focused on the heart condition he faced in his early life. He later had a heart transplant. The book hit number one on Amazon as an international bestseller during the first week of release.

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