Securus Technologies Shares Further Details Of A Wrongdoing

One of the leaders in the civil and criminal justice industries when it comes to technology services is the giant Securus Technologies. They have a far reaching client list which include a variety of industries such as law enforcement, public safety and corrections throughout the United States.
There has been some turmoil within the industry as there is evidence that links another communications provider within the large industry to a possible integrity breach as well as wrongdoing. This communications provider is Global Tel Link or GTL.

As PR Newswire reports, Securus Technologies will be launching a series of press releases over the next half year where they will be sharing reports, articles and various other evidence that prove GTL has been involved in misconduct and integrity breaches for several years now.

The Chief Executive Officer at Securus Technologies, Mr Richard A. Smith stated that he was appalled at the integrity breach and that this is not the type of conduct the industry should be providing. To him and the industry, providing for the customers is the number one objective as well as upholding a certain level of integrity.

The Order document that will be presented first is a 17 page document and is by the Louisiana Department of Commission or PSC. They were the department that actually investigated against Global Tel Link and found several irregularities. According to PR Newswire, some of these irregularities were overcharging of customers, extending phone durations, offering higher rates than acceptable and double billings. These and other wrong doings were identified and is something the industry can do without according to Richard A. Smith.

These events have been going on for several years now as the Order by the PSC has a date on it going back to the 21st of January 1998.

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