Roger Goodell Will Not Hear Peterson Appeal

Adrian Peterson had been set to appeal his suspension from the NFL following child abuse issues. The NFL has been steadfast in holdings its ground on the suspension and Peterson has been removed from the league indefinitely.

The attorneys for Peterson are surprised by the way that the NFL has handled the case according to reporting from They say that the NFL is not following its own rules or those set up via the collective bargaining agreement set forth between the league and the player’s association. Who is right on this issue is largely only determinable by knowing all of the facts.

The issue does not seem likely to resolve itself as Peterson wants to be reinstated with the league, but the league seems pretty steadfast in keeping him out. This is the right move in the opinion of many, including Marc Sparks. This whole process could really drag out into a much more prolonged and difficult to navigate situation. Observers from both sides are claiming that they are in the right on this one and that they will ultimately be proven to have been right all along. Of course, that is typically how these things play out.


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  1. Alianna Kieran (Post author)

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