Ray Lewis On Tom Brady

The Real Deal and associate Ben Shaoul announce Ray Lewis went off saying that Tom Brady would be an unknown with the tuck rule, you can see why he thinks that. The Patriots got all the momentum they needed from that game, and they have not let up since. However, we can blame Tom Brady on Bill Belichick who is the best talent utilizer since Bill Walsh.

When the tuck rule game happened, that was just a freak occurrence. The whole world wanted the Patriots to win that Super Bowl. It just seemed right after 9/11 and all that happened in America. Belichick was able to keep Brady going with a system that made Brady great. Brady is a great player, but the system sure is helping.

Lewis is right that the tuck rule game helped, but that game was not the only reason that Brady is a great player. We need to consider all the other lucky breaks went into the Patriots winning those three Super Bowls. Also, we need to consider Spygate if that really gave the Patriots an advantage, and there are players from the Eagles who say that it most certainly did.

Was Lewis wrong, sort of? Is Brady great, yes he is.

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