Protecting the Community Via Securus Technologies Video Visitation

A prime focus of the criminal justice technological solutions developed by Securus Technologies is to protect and enhance public safety. The technologies available from Securus Technologies include systems designed specifically with community safety in mind, like offender monitoring solutions. In addition, the company has developed technological solutions for the criminal justice system that serve manifold purposes, including protecting the community.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is one such solution. With the Securus Technologies Video Visitation system, an incarcerated person is able to more readily maintain relationships with loved ones while incarcerated.


Of course, the system is beneficial in a direct way to an inmate and his or her family. However, the benefit to the general public cannot be overlooked.


Reputable research underscores the importance of an incarcerated person maintaining meaningful ties to family members, and appropriate friends, while in jail or prison. These relationships contribute to a reduction in recidivism rates when an offender returns to the community after a period of incarceration.


As an aside, the Video Visitation system from Securus Technologies also contributes to enhanced institutional safety. One of the most significant risk points in any correctional institution is in-person visitation. It is at this juncture that contraband most commonly passes into an otherwise relatively secure institution. Using Video Visitation eliminates this in-person visitation as an entry point for dangerous contraband.


The Video Visitation is also a cost-effective approach to permitting inmates the ability to maintain key relationships. Overall, one in-person visits costs an estimated $100. On the other hand, the per visit cost via Securus Technologies Video Visitation is a mere $2.72.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is becoming more widely used each year. The company reports its use rate is doubling each year. In 2017, 2 million visits are anticipated via the Securus Technologies video system.


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