Peterson Still In Hot Water

Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings has resolved his domestic violence case in Montgomery County, Texas. Peterson was charged with a felony account of child abuse. Peterson faced serious jail time over the issue and a possible end to his storied NFL career. Peterson was accused of injuring his four year old son with a switch. The child had bruising and welts on the skin and some minor contusions on a single testicle. Adrian Peterson has asserted that he loves his children and that he did not intend to harm his child. He went on to say that the type of discipline he issued was a common form of punishment in the small East Texas town that he is from. Some people are buying it, but my fantasy football opponent Christian is not exactly convinced.

Peterson was ordered to appear on accusations that he admitted to smoking marijuana while out on bail. Instead, the hearing focused on a plea bargain that Peterson and attorney Rusty Hardin formulated to circumvent the possibility of jail time. The term is deferred adjudicated which means that if the terms of the probation are satisfied, the charges will be expunged from his record. Peterson will soon be reunited with his son and says that he loves his children more than anyone could possibly know.

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  1. Alfonsus Jonathan (Post author)

    The judge accepted the plea and Peterson was released. Peterson accepted a plea of no contest. This means that Peterson will perform community service and receive a minor probationary term. It could also be that do not want anything to happen to Peterson.


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