Peter Briger Knows Asset Management

Peter Briger is the Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Fortress Group. The Fortress Group is an investment firm in New York City. The company has been highly successful for a number of years and has helped numerous people in managing their assets. Peter Briger joined the company in 2002. He was looking for a way to add to his portfolio. They placed him in charge of the real-estate part of the company. Before joining them, he started at Goldman Sachs. He was with the company for fifteen years and was one of the key components to their success. While there he was on the global Control, Asian Management, and the Japan Executive and the Compliance Committees.

He also served as the Co-Head of the Asian Real Estate Private Equity Business and the Asian Distressed Debt Business. Peter Briger is an ideal entrepreneur because he is patient and is always positive. The company purchases assets at a low price and then sell them for a higher price. Due to having Peter Briger on the team, the company has seen amazing results. He received a management position at the Fortress Group because of his experience.He actually is well-educated and has experience. He attended Princeton University. He has even worked to help the school to generate profits.

He is known for being humble and helping others. He works with numerous organizations within his community.Some things that make the Fortress Group different than other investment management industries. They offer many more investment strategies.When people think of asset management, they have to think of Peter Briger as being a true leader and innovator in this space. He continues helping Fortress Group become more successful each year. The company continues to expand and grow due to his leadership.

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