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Durant Out – Romo a Question Mark for Sunday in Dallas

The Dallas Cowboys will for sure be missing linebacker Justin Durant this weekend as he has been designated to be placed on the injured reserve list ending his season. The team is sure to miss Durant who has been the leading tackler on defense.

More questions face the Dallas offense with quarterback Tony Romo being listed as questionable to play in the game. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has stated that Romo’s status will mainly depend on the veteran signal callers ability to play with pain. Romo was injured on Monday night against the Washington Redskins and has yet to practice this week. If Tony Romo is not active for the game the starting job will fall to backup Brandon Weeden, who does have starting experience with Cleveland.

Even with Durant out and Tony Romo still an uncertain play Vegas is still predicting Dallas to be a favorite over the Arizona Cardinals this week. According to odds, Dallas is a current four point favorite, so things are looking good for you this week Mann.

Aqib Talib Looking Forward to Patriots-Broncos, Praises Gronk

When the Patriots passed no Aqib Talib in the off season, many pundits viewed it as a mistake. A few days later, the veteran defensive player was swooped up by the Denver Broncos. The Patriots were looking very silly at that point. However, they had an ace up their sleeve in the shape of Darrelle Revis. The Pats got Revis in a trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Pats also signed Brandon Browner in the off season, which means they are well stocked at corner back. Even though his former team are in good hands with those two players, Aqib Talib will want to remind Bill Belichick about how good he is on Sunday.

The Patriots host the high flying Denver Broncos in the most eagerly anticipated regular season clash in the AFC.

When Talib was asked about how he was preparing for this game, he responded with these comments: “I approach this game like every other. I don’t really judge how amped up I am for a game. But you could say I am very excited. I am definitely juiced for this one.”. Eh, seems to me, and fellow fantasy football armchair quarterback Sam Tabar, you might want to give this some more thought.

Talib also reserved special praise for Rob Gronkowski. Talib refers to his former teammate as a “wild dog” because of how big, strong and quick he can be. Gronkowski will be a key weapon for the Pats as they look to upset the Broncos.

RGIII Back to Practice for Washington

Often injured and often maligned quarterback Robert Griffin III has returned to full time practice for the Washington Redskins. With a full practice under his belt the athletic former Heisman winner has a chance to suit up and play this Sunday in Minnesota against the Vikings. The Baylor alum has been sidelined from play since suffering an ankle injury on September, 14th. If you watch the video, then you will see that it is pretty remarkable that Griffin is even able to take the field this season, the injury looked pretty awful but it does help that the Baylor alum is in incredible physical condition.

Kirk Cousins started out hot as Griffin’s replacement but was quickly brought back down to earth after being prone to turnovers.

Washington still sits with an unremarkable record of 3-5 but they are far from being considered out of playoff contention. Keep your head up Brian Torchin, at least y’all beat the Cowboys. Many Redskin fans would prefer to keep the hot hand McCoy under center but in the big picture RGIII has more talent, more starting experience, and gives the team the best chance to win.

Patriots Among Four Teams Chasing WR Vincent Jackson

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers just spent a lot of money locking down a left tackle to a six year contract. However, they seem reluctant to commit to wide receiver Vincent Jackson. Despite his skill set, the Bucs want to get rid of his huge contract. They are trying to rebuild the team, and Jackson does not fit into their long term picture.

The Patriots, Eagles, Seahawks and an unnamed team are interested in acquiring Jackson in a trade as soon as possible. It is easy to understand why these teams want Jackson. At six feet five inches, he is a beast of a wide receiver. He weighs 230 pounds, has great acceleration, and causes havoc in opposition secondaries. Despite his team being 1-5 for the season, Jackson has 25 catches and two TDs to his name already. He has caught for over 300 yards this season.

Most of these teams have decent offensive weapons. The Eagles have a lot of receivers, the Seahawks have quality weapons for Russell Wilson, and the Patriots have retooled their offense to great effect in recent weeks. The Pats have found success with the two or three tight end formations, with Rob Gronkowski, Brandon LeFell and Tim Wright emerging as key weapons for Tom Brady.

Despite all these teams being well stocked, they could do with improving. For the Patriots, a deep threat in the wide receiver position would offer a different dimension to their offense. The Seahawks always want to improve, especially after being beaten by the Dallas Cowboys.

RG3 Taking His Time To Recover From Injury

Most NFL fans want to know when Robert Griffin III will return to the field for the Washington Redskins. The young quarterback, who made a name for himself in his rookie season, has been struggling with injury over the past 12-15 months. Griffin was expected to be back within the next game or two, but his recent comments indicate the wait could be longer.

RG3 has always wanted to come back from injury as soon as possible. Sometimes he has rushed back when it was medically advised that he stay off the field. That lead to bad performances and more injuries. Now he is heeding the advice of his coaches and medical team. He is taking his time to recover from the latest injury.

Along with rehabilitation for his body, RG3 has been using this period to learn more about the quarterback position. He is attempting to find a balance in his game that would allow him to enjoy a long career in the NFL.

Like Russell Wilson and Michael Vick, RG3 is one of those unique quarterbacks that can run and pass with equal ability. However, fantasy guru Sultan Alhokair believes his career trajectory is closer to Vick’s than Wilson’s. While Russell Wilson can run with the ball, he is also great at sliding to the ground before he is tackled.

Most NFL players can take the hits, but the last thing you want is a banged up quarterback after two or three years in the NFL. If RG3 is to become a MVP level player and last in this league, he needs to continue developing his game during this forced absence.

The Broncos Are Now America’s Team

According to a recent poll, the Broncos have dethroned the Cowboys as the most popular team in America. The Harris Poll, which showed that the last 6 seasons, the Cowboys were no. 1 in the nation with overwhelming support, have actually dropped to fourth place.

The Broncos took the number one spot pretty overwhelmingly, which is no surprise considering the massive overhaul the team has seen to their play style over the last few years. Peyton Manning at the helm tends to do that though.

A quarterback that can really lead, isn’t afraid to make some tough throws, and that genuinely wants to win every game is important to a franchise.

But the Broncos still have a long way to go. There have been 14 Harris polls since 1998, and the Cowboys have topped nine of them. So you’d have to say that Dallas is still the most consistent of the NFL teams. My friend and superfan Brad Reifler will take some solace in that.

Calvin Johnson Dealing with High Ankle Sprain

Detroit Lions star wide receiver, Calvin Johnson, has been battling a high ankle sprain. Johnson hurt his ankle against the Green Bay Packers last month, and then aggravated it in Sunday’s loss to the Buffalo Bills. No surgery or additional medical treatment is required, but Johnson did say he needs to rest to let the sprained ankle heal. Coach Jim Caldwell will consider sitting Johnson this week, as the Lions play Minnesota Vikings. I’m up against Brian Torchin with Matt Asiata at RB and hoping he has a quiet game.

As a wide receiver, Johnson needs his ankles to cut, plant, and run. Without being able to do those things to the best of his ability, Johnson is a liability out on the football field until his injury heals up. The Lions will be looking to use Ryan Broyles, Golden Tate, Eric Ebron, and Reggie Bush more if Johnson cannot go this weekend.


Dallas Cowboys Beat The Superbowl Champs At Home

In a performance that shocked everybody, Seahawks included, the Dallas Cowboys managed to beat Seattle, in Seattle. Something that hasn’t been done for some time now. The Seahawks have been totally impenetrable at home, but the fortress has been completely broken down today.

Talking with Marnie Bennett about Tony Romo, and his ability to become that on the field leader really showed. Especially in the fourth quarter, when he pulled off a typical Romo play, in which he dodged several tackles, and still managed to hurl the ball up field for a 23 yard gain. The move was polished off by DeMarco Murray running 15 yards for a touchdown, giving the Cowboys a lead they would never lose.

The game shocked pretty much everybody. Especially considering the Cowboys awful start to the season, in which Romo looked his worst.