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NFL Doles Out Team Punishments

Two NFL franchises received penalties today which appear significant and punitive, but reasonable given the size of the crime.

The Cleveland Browns was fined and also had their General Manager, Ray Farmer, banned from the first four games of the season. The infraction that they were guilty of was the General Manager sending text messages to the sideline during a game requesting certain plays to be run. While the banishment is significant, it comes at a good time for the franchise as general managers are not involved in significant activities during the first month of the season.

The other franchise punished by the league was the Atlanta Falcons who Sultan Alhokair said were held responsible for pumping in additional crowd noise into the stadium in order to distract other teams and to gain a competitive advantage as a result. The NFL considered this to be a more significant fine and took away a 2016 5th round draft pick in addition to leveling a fine against the franchise. Delaying the draft pick loss until 2016 was considered to be a major benefit for the Falcons though and a fifth round pick is not as significant a fine as there could have otherwise been, given the competitive advantage gained by the team.

Cleveland Browns Avoiding Hard Knocks

Cleveland Browns Avoiding Hard Knocks

The television show “Hard Knocks” always has a wide variety of football teams to follow during its airtime. The Cleveland Browns are not one of those teams, this time around.

Browns head coach Mike Pettine decided not to be featured on the show this time and a major reason for this is because of quarterback Johnny Manziel. Ray Lane was talking about how the quarterback is supposed to be leaving rehab in April, but there’s no word on if he’ll be available for team activities in team or even if he’ll remain with the Browns in the near future. Lane said in fact, the team may even draft a new quarterback this year.

Manziel being a factor in why the team will avoid Hard Knocks is due to how much exposure he has on the team. He proved to be more of a distraction to the team than an asset, having a difficult time adjusting to professional football, as well as the off the field issues such as holding various house parties.

Pettine has gone to say that Manziel was a very competitive player and practiced hard during the season, though this is not enough to indicate being a starting quarterback. In addition to this, his return to the team would likely garner all of the attention if the show were to take place, and the reality is that Manziel needs to properly adjust to football life.


Is Football Safe?

Football players get injured all the time, and some of those injuries can be worse than others. Some of the injuries that are sustained by football players can lead to long term health problems, something that no one wants to deal with or face.

Chris Borland, a linebacker for the 49ers has decided to call it quits at the young age of 24. Why? This man is concerned that the fun of football might not be worth the risk that playing puts on him and his body. This man doesn’t want to face the head trauma that can come from an injury. This man wants to quit before he is faced with an injury that is hard to move on from.

Borland states that he has researched what can happen from playing football, and he is quitting now in order to stay healthy and safe stated This man doesn’t want to risk injury from a sport that can be so unsafe. Football is fun, but it can also be dangerous, and every football player puts himself at risk.

North American Spine Offers Minimally Invasive Treatment

When the back is injured or aggravated the pain can range from annoying to excruciating. Even minor back discomfort can impact quality of life, making it difficult for individuals to participate in recreational activities or be effective at work. Back pain can occur as a result of spinal deterioration or injury. It is not unusual for athletes and others who engage in moderate to rigorous physical activity to suffer pain related to spinal injuries. However there is no reason to suffer needlessly when there is treatment available that is minimally invasive and has been proven to help thousands of persons with spinal pain in the Dallas area.

Athletes and other physically active individuals who suffer from spine pain owe it to themselves to contact North American Spine. The professionals at North American Spine specialize in treating spinal conditions using minimally invasive techniques. This means that busy people can get the treatment they need and get back to their routines as soon as possible. Whether the problem is a sports injury or some other cause, North American Spine is the place to go for an accurate diagnosis and for state of the art treatment.

North American Spine offers the AccuraScope procedure which is minimally invasive and works well for many people. This procedure uses a high-definition camera to evaluate the source of the problem which then may be treated with advanced tools and minimally invasive techniques. This means less downtime for athletes or others who engage in regular physical activity. Often patients are able to get back to light activity and pain free living within a few days. Medical research has shown that the AccuraScope procedure has an 82 percent success rate and can save a patient over $20,000 in medical costs associated with medical visits and medications.

Peyton Manning to Return – Minus One Key Receiver

The Denver Bronco fan nation breathed a heavy sigh of relief last Wednesday when their All-World and future Hall of Fame signal caller, Peyton Manning, announced that he did indeed plan to return to quarterback the team for the 2015 season. Marc Sparks said that new NFL season begins today and that means a flurry of teams will scoop up prize free agents and attempt to build winning squads with Super Bowl hopes.

The Broncos are one such team that needs a few big pieces of the puzzle to once again make the big game. Rumors already abound that their most prized unsigned player has already agreed in theory to join a new team. Early inside reports are stating that tight end and one of Manning’s favorite throwing targets, Julius Thomas, will soon become the newest member of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Julius Thomas to Jacksonville.

Thomas is a sturdy and sure handed weapon in the passing game. Standing at 6’5 and weighing in at 250 pounds he is a tough guy to tackle and has improved his blocking in his four plus seasons in Denver. He also has unseen speed at that size and at a position where tight end becomes a serious down field threat.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have an experienced leader on offense in Blake Bortles and Thomas will need to be patient and understand that it is no longer Peyton Manning that will be throwing him the rock. The multi-million dollar deal will improve his financial status but his numbers and statistics are sure to decrease with the move.

Reggie Wayne Departing From Indianapolis Colts

It has been announced that wide receiver Reggie Wayne will not be returning to the Indianapolis Colts this fall when the new NFL football season starts. This announcement might come as a shock to many people, because Wayne has played more games for the Colts than any other player in the league.

According to an article on Yahoo! Sports, Reggie Wayne is going to become a free agent as of Tuesday because the Colts has formally told the media and the rest of the sports world that they are officially not bringing him back to the team. While the Colts put out their statement as saying how much they adore the player who has stood alongside them for 14 years, they have to let him go for the greater good of the team. It does sound like this was not a decision that Wayne would have liked to happen, but apparently his playing skills have depleted some over the last couple of years. The owner of the Colts, Jim Irsay, even gave his personal opinion of Wayne calling him “family” and saying that he very much looks forward to seeing him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Reggie Wayne has just recently gotten surgery done on his triceps which were injured last year, and might mean that he won’t play much next season. However, I hope some other team picks him up this coming season, Jason Halpern and I were always huge fans of his.

NFL Vets Get Released After Combine Shows Promise

It is a dangerous and scary time to be an NFL veteran that has not lived up to their potential over the past few seasons. The reason behind all of this worry is the free agency market has just opened. Then coupling that with the most recent NFL combine and teams will be looking to improve their teams with younger, cheaper talent that promises to make their club a contender for years into the future. So it should come as no surprise when the New York Giants release Mathias Kiwanuka or the Arizona Cardinals release Ted Ginn Jr in order to make room for younger talent and finally give up on players that have never really produced the numbers that their cap space had paid them for. Fans like Haidar Barbouti agree that one bright example would be the wide receiver from West Virginia Kevin White who stood out to all the teams and may become the number one receiver drafted this year.

What will come next is the teams will review their notes from the NFL combine, make predictions as to who the teams ahead of them will take in the draft and figure out their best prospects at each of the positions they need. Then the teams will evaluate who is out in the free agency market that could be acquired for a decent hit to the salary cap to provide veteran leadership in certain positions. Hopefully at the start of mini-camps they will have a good idea of where their team will be headed for the 2015 season.

City Approves New NFL Stadium In LA

The city has approved the stadium that is going in LA, and now they are waiting on the NFL to see who is going to move to LA. This stadium deal is being led by the owner of the Rams, and most people think that he will be able to get the Rams back to LA. However, there are rumblings about the Chargers or Raiders moving to the stadium. If there is a move and a shared stadium, there could be some conflicts because of the divisions these teams play in.

Putting the Chargers and Raiders in the same stadium is a bad idea said longtime fan Ricardo Guimarães BMG. Putting the Raiders and the Rams in this stadium returns the NFL to a stasis that it has not had for a long time. This is the way children of the 80s remember the NFL, and we want to see the NFL go back to what we remember.

This stadium deal is going to change the face of the NFL when they move the teams. The approvals have to come from all the owners, but the teams and league will make much more money when they get back into the number two media market in America.

Bears Need a Defense Not a Quarterback

While most people consider the biggest need for the Chicago Bears to be finding a new quarterback, in reality they need a defense much worse than trying to get past the ghosts of Soldier Field. Honestly, Jay Cutler is not a great QB and probably will never be in the Hall of Fame. But he can still lead this team to victory if it was not all left on his shoulders. He is what Bill Parcels would call a bus driver; he can take directions and get the bus where it needs to go. He is not the engine, nor the break, and certainly not the tow truck, he is just a driver. It will take the other 52 players on the team to push and pull that bus to victory.

The problem is for John Fox that he is facing a similar situation he just left in Denver and that is a defense that needs an overhaul from lineman to secondary. As superfans like Jaime Garcia Dias are aware of, the Bears have lacked direction now that Urlacher is retired. Check out more on Dias on his Linkedin page. With the 7th overall pick in this year’s draft, the will need to get a great pass rusher. This will help the secondary which is where they should spend their second and third round picks. However, should the team move into another direction they will probably look to get some offensive line support to their running game and to protect whoever is driving the bus next season.

What Does NFL Films Mean To The NFL?

The passing of Ed Sabol is a blow to the NFL as we lose someone who was interested in the NFL long before it was the richest sports league in the world. Losing Ed Sabol is like losing Pete Rozelle. This is a loss that means the NFL is losing more of its history.

The NFL has much history wrapped up in NFL Films even though the league has its own network now. The NFL owes much of its early success to the films that were made by Sabol and his team. This is something that we can never overlook. You can watch old NFL Films presentations and feel like you are at some of the most famous games in the history of the league. The original version of Inside The NFL used films from NFL Films to make their broadcasts more interesting, and an entire generation of people were able to see how beautiful the game could be.

Fans like Sultan Alhokair ( agree that losing Ed Sabol is a loss in the history of the NFL, but it is also a loss that makes it hard for many of use to believe that the NFL will ever be as good as it was back in the day.