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What Does NFL Films Mean To The NFL?

The passing of Ed Sabol is a blow to the NFL as we lose someone who was interested in the NFL long before it was the richest sports league in the world. Losing Ed Sabol is like losing Pete Rozelle. This is a loss that means the NFL is losing more of its history.

The NFL has much history wrapped up in NFL Films even though the league has its own network now. The NFL owes much of its early success to the films that were made by Sabol and his team. This is something that we can never overlook. You can watch old NFL Films presentations and feel like you are at some of the most famous games in the history of the league. The original version of Inside The NFL used films from NFL Films to make their broadcasts more interesting, and an entire generation of people were able to see how beautiful the game could be.

Fans like Sultan Alhokair ( agree that losing Ed Sabol is a loss in the history of the NFL, but it is also a loss that makes it hard for many of use to believe that the NFL will ever be as good as it was back in the day.

Hawks Bounce Back

The Atlanta Hawks have had a truly amazing season, as they have dominated the Eastern Conference and sit atop the East with an astonishing eight game lead over the Toronto Raptors, who are sitting in the second spot. The Hawks just had a nineteen game winning streak snapped and there was a lot of speculation as to how the Hawks would come back after snapping such an amazing winning streak, but they bounced back on Wednesday night when they met the Washington Wizards in Atlanta. The hawks did what they always do and beat up the Wizards consistently throughout the game, winning by nine points. It appeared as if there was no team in the East that could match up with the Hawks, but the Cavaliers have rocketed out of the midpoint of the season and are currently on an eleven game winning streak of their own. They have turned things around to such a degree that a lot of sportscasters and writers alike are stating that the Cavaliers would be favored in a seven game series in the playoffs, if they do happen to meet. Fans at Slow Ventures know that it is hard to argue against the basketball that LeBron James and the Cavaliers have brought in the last several weeks, especially with the amazing play by Kyrie Irving, who dropped fifty-five in a game last week. More is available on The Hawks are going to keep on rolling, but it is questionable what will happen in the playoffs now.

Fan Jumps Through TV

No one could believe the play call that Pete Carroll pulled out on second down and goal with thirty seconds on the clock in the Super Bowl last weekend. The Seahawks were down by four points and had two time outs, giving them three shots at winning the game by running the ball up the middle. They possess Marshawn Lynch and that is the only logical call to make when faced in that situation. At least if he couldn’t get in then no one could say anything and the team wouldn’t have even been mad at Lynch, but everyone knows that he would have gotten that single yard and given the title to the Seahawks for the second year in a row. Haidar Barbouti has heard that one fan took the call particularly badly. He had his hands on his knees and stated to the camera that no passes can happen because they have Marshawn Lynch. The next thing you see on the video is the fan running full speed and diving into the television head first, breaking the television screen and then throwing the stand down. It was pretty comical, but just shows how badly the Seahawks fans took this one. There has been a damper over the city of Seattle and it truly is depressing to be in Washington right now. Fans simply cannot believe that they came so close to being back to back Super Bowl champions and had it ripped away.

Carolina’s Problem

Cam Newton is a very interesting player in the National Football League. He appears to think that he is a legend already, despite putting up major numbers for the Carolina Panthers and having a truly mediocre career thus far. They did make the playoffs, but they didn’t even win eight games this season, yet Cam seems to think that he is an outstanding player in the league. It isn’t as much about the lack of numbers that he has put up, but what he says to the media in interviews that is so disgusting about the Carolina Panthers quarterback. He stated earlier this year that he wants everything the NFL has to offer. According to Dave Morin,He said he wants all the money and all the attention. He literally said that he wants all the money and the cars and the fame that can be brought to him through the NFL. It is pretty ridiculous when you consider that he’s not even close to the top ten in the National Football League and is on a team that squeaked into the playoffs because their division is so terrible. It has been proven time and time again, those players that possess that egotistical, pompous, prima donna type attitude do not go far in the league. His personality is very reminiscent of Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco, who were both hall of fame type players that are now retired and are bankrupt and owe the IRS big amounts of money.

Lynch Final Day

Marshawn Lynch has clearly had enough of the media shoving cameras and microphones down his throat, as he gave his final appearance to the media before the upcoming Super Bowl this Sunday. Lynch has become notorious for not wanting to give any statements during interviews to the media and has pretty much made a mockery of it on a weekly basis, as he will come up with a term and simply repeat it every single time he is asked a question, regardless of what that question is. It is starting to get kind of ridiculous, because Marshawn clearly is not going to break and it would be pretty disgusting if he happened to break anyway. Fans like Paul Mathieson agree that the guy needs to be left alone, as he simply doesn’t want to talk to the media and have some stories spun about him. It has become obvious that he simply does not trust the media, as they attempt to make stories out of things he says and he would rather just play the game of football. He actually talked for several minutes on the final day with the media this week and just stated that he doesn’t understand why they keep coming back day after day when it is blatantly clear that he is not going to answer any questions. He says he understands that they want to ask him things and he is cool with that, but he doesn’t understand why they keep coming back when it’s clear he will not give them anything.

Wade Phillips To Handle Broncos Defense

The Broncos have brought in Wade Phillips to handle their defense. Fans like Brian Torchin view this as smart hire for a team that needs to develop its defense as fast as possible while it decides what it is going to do with the offense.

The Broncos want to have a place where they can rest, and they need to rest on their defense while they are trying to make their offense work properly. Wade Phillips has been in the league so long that he remembers where there was not a team in Denver, and he will be able to make quick work of the defense for the team.

This is the experienced hire that helps the Broncos improve, but it also puts an assistant head coach on the sideline. Gary Kubiak can run the offense, and he will never had to think about the defense because it is going to be managed by someone whose family practically invented coaching. We all know that Wade will not coach for very long, but he could put the Broncos on a path to greatness that they will need if they are going to compete for a championship or two in the next few years or so.

Jones Still Hopes to Keep Murray and Bryant

Dallas Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones is one of the richest owners of the NFL. However, he has to live within the salary cap rules just like every other team. This poses a problem when two of his star players are up for contract renewals in the same season. Namely the talented wide receiver Dez Bryant and this season’s league leading rusher Demarco Murray. So, who should Jones put his priority in and which can he afford to lose. Actually, this question is fairly easy for Jones and the Cowboys franchise. Most likely they will look to get an early contract with Bryant and put the franchise tag on Murray so they can handle his contract next year or vice versa.

But if the team had to choose which player to keep and which they could live without that would be simple as well. The team would need to stay with Bryant and let Murray face the uncertain waters of free agency. There is no doubt  to fans like Dave and Brit Morin of, that he would bring a steep price to any franchise. But with the depth that the Cowboys have at running back, their offensive line could block for anyone they potentially put in the backfield. Also, teams may not necessarily be looking to bring in another running back with Murray’s injury history that persisted in prior seasons and kept him sidelined. Also, a new concern of this year was his inability to stop fumbling the ball.

Browner Sherman Conflict is Media Spin

According to Flavio Maluf’s home page, There were some interesting comments made  towards Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas by Brandon Browner of the New England Patriots the other day. Browner was one of the players that really started the legendary legion of boom in Seattle and helped them rise to prominence over the last few seasons. Browner is very close friends with all of the Players on the Seahawks, who he considers as brothers. He made statements to the media that he is going to encourage his teammates to hit Sherman and Thomas and try to break their arms. These comments were taken way too far and were spun in the media to make it look like Browner hates these guys and that he wants them to be injured in football and in life. This really shows how much spin the media puts on things intentionally, because Sherman and Browner are two of the best friends in the National Football League. Sherman responded by sending a text to Browner, laughing about his comments and stated that he made it harder for his receivers, which just shows the friendly banter that was being exchanged by those two. Who wouldn’t think that Richard Sherman of all people would not engage in friendly banter with one of his close friends that is now an opponent in the upcoming Super Bowl. People need to get real and stop believing the hype that the media is after every day. Maybe Lynch has it right after all.

Brady Addresses Team


Supposedly quarterback Tom Brady met with the rest of the players of the New England Patriots yesterday prior to his press conference regarding allegations that he was involved in the deflation of balls that occurred in their AFC championship win over the Indianapolis Colts last weekend. The media has absolutely exploded with the story and is very reminiscent of 2007 when the New England Patriots were caught up in another cheating scandal that the media dubbed Spy Gate. This time the scandal is being referred to as deflate gate and Tom Brady had to step in front of the media and answer a ton of questions about the situation after his head coach Bill Belichick participated in a press conference and basically through Tom under the bus. Brady was scheduled to do the interview with the media, but addressed his team beforehand and assured them that he had nothing to do with the deflated balls. The team has reported that they feel much better about the situation and cannot get prepared for the Seattle Seahawks next week. However, anyone with half a brain could tell that he was completely lying in his press conference which has completely caused Brady’s supporters like Lee Slaughter to lose faith in him. Texas Monthly even reported that stood there and smirked the entire time with the nastiest smug look across his face. He had the demeanor of someone who had gotten away with something big and was answering to someone that had absolutely no proof he did anything wrong and he was loving it.

NFL Shows Its Double Standard

The NFL is willing to fine Marshawn Lynch up to $100,000 for not talking to the media, but they may not do anything to the Patriots over deflate gate. The stunning double standard is not only obvious but it is sad.

The NFL has turned into a caricature of itself. The NFL is turning into a product that is almost not worth watching. The games are being marred by bad officiating and even worse rules. The league fines everyone for doing anything, but they turn a blind eye when a team cheats twice in ten years.

The league is willing to ruin one player’s career over something that he settled in a court of law. The league is also willing to lie about what it knew when it adjudicated another case involving a player who has had his day in court. Both of those players might not play again because of the incompetence of the NFL.

Roger Goodell is turning in the worst commissioner in sports. It is as if he was sent by another league to ruin the NFL so that the unnamed league would be able to step in and take supremacy away from football. It is shocking to fans like Zeca Oliveira, sad, and signals the end of an era.