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The Brazilian Driver-Michel Terpins

The love for speed in Michel Terpins was ignited at a tender age, having grown in a sporting family. Michel is a 40-year-old rally driver from Sao Paulo-Brazil. In 2002, his racing career kicked off, in the bikes category, where he participated alongside his brother, a popular rally driver in Brazil-Rodrigo Terpins.

Due to will and determination, Michel has managed to create a name for himself as a sports leader in Brazil. Consequently, he has earned the title of the head of the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship. A combination of his sporting family background and his extensive experience in sports rallying has played a vital role in his piloting.As a result, he has stood out in important stages of various rallies as a champion.

There are various sports rallies that Michel has participated in.One of them is the Sertoes Rally, which he has taken part in for over a decade. In this competition, he has scooped four awards. During its 25th edition, he covered 3,000-kilometer race. This is one of the most popular races in Brazil that attracts thousands of spectators and participants. It involves trans-versing three states namely; Goias, Mato Grosso do Sul, and the Mato Grosso.

Alongside his navigator Maykel Justo, Michel has won two stages in Prototype T1 in the Sertoes rally. As if this is not enough, Michel’s determination in the race led to his ranking as the fastest competitor. This was out of the 280 participants and pilots from across Brazil and wide. However, despite their car breakdown at some point, they managed to maneuver and emerge fourth in the Prototype T1.

Due to his immense love for speed, Michel and his brother Rodrigo Terpins founded the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Michel has been an active participant of the rally for four seasons. Due to its exemplary performance, the sports rally receives sponsorship from the Evenots, Bull Sertoes, the team MEM, Terpins and Motul and Ohlins, among others.

David Giertz Tells Us About Meaningful Retirement Planning

Welcome to life after retirement! Surprisingly, many people quickly realize that its not all fun and games. Simply put, most individuals think that retirement is simply just stopping working. While they are right about that, there is actually a lot more to it than that. Thus, when it comes to retirement, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. David Giertz is president of Nationwide Financial, and he had some great insights into effect retirement planning during a recent interview.

Normally, a good rule of thumb for ordinary people is to save up to six times their income for their retirement. For those who want to retire early the number are even higher – David Giertz actually recommends that a person has up to 33 times their income saved up for it.

The next thing you have to look out for would be finding an effective way to retire early without paying a ton in penalties. Many retirement accounts will charge you a whopping 10% to withdraw it before age 59 1/2. Of course, there are workarounds to this, with the most popular being a traditional Roth IRA. This method allows you to withdraw your money at any time with just a small withdrawal fee each time. The only catch is that your salary can’t be any higher than $118,000 per year.

If you make more than this amount you can still withdraw early with a traditional IRA or 401K as long as you use the “Rule of 55”. The IRS will often not penalize you if you withdraw at age 55 or 56.

Moreover, you can also use a 72t rule as long as your withdrawals are the same leading up to the age of 59 1/2. Bear in mind that if you deviate even slightly it could open you up to penalties from the good ol’ IRS.

David Giertz

David Giertz has served as president of Nationwide Financial Services since 2013. He has also held a number of other bank positions, including vice president at Bank Channel from 2004 to 2009.

Giertz has built his life around keeping people financially secure. Many individuals from all walks of life have relied on him to improve their financial future.

New York Cardiologist Edward Honing Defies Many Odds

A cardiologist is a specialist who works with people concerning their heart health. They are able to help people with the most heart-healthy options and can even perform surgeries on their patients so that they are able to have a heart that functions better than what it did in the past. The idea behind cardiology is not to only get care when it is needed but to have an ongoing care plan in place to make sure that you are as heart healthy as possible. This is something that most cardiologists do to ensure that their patients are as healthy as possible.

Everybody is able to benefit from having a cardiologist who is responsible for making sure that they are as healthy as possible concerning their heart. This is something that is a great way to ensure that you are going to have a longer, happier and healthier life no matter what your health situation is. You could be the most physically active person on the earth with excellent health habits and still have a heart that is not functioning properly. The only way that anyone can know where they stand with heart health is by visiting a cardiologist who can help them make sure that they are doing all of the right things.

Finding a cardiologist who knows what they are doing in New York City can sometimes be difficult. That is not the case with Dr. Edward Honing. He has over 50 years of experience in the New York area and that has allowed him to constantly build up the patient base that he has. He knows what he is doing and that shows in the capabilities that he has so that he can help people get all of the heart-healthy options that they need in their lives.

At 90 years old, Dr. Edward Honig has far outlived many of his original doctor competitors. This is something that he did because he knows the right way to a healthy heart and has even been able to do so for himself. It has been a great opportunity that he has for his own heart health and with the options that he has available to him. Thanks to the opportunities that Dr. Honing has created for himself, he is able to continue seeing patients and even aiding in surgeries much longer than most doctors who are also in the same specialty.

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LooK Watch – The First IoT Integrated Smartwatch Is Here

Dr. Clay Siegall is the founder and the CEO of Seattle Genetics. This biotech firm is specializing in developing targeted therapy drugs for those diseases that have not been able to provide substantial improvements in mortality rates.

He has studied at The University of Maryland as well as at the George Washington University.

He founded Seattle Genetic in 1998. He is developing the antibody-drug conjugate which will be the first to be FDA approved. Besides, there will be a robust pipeline of over 20 drugs. Dr. Clay Siegall has also managed strategic partnerships with leading drug manufacturers such as Bayer, Genentech, besides Pfizer and so on.

He started Seattle Genetics due to many reasons. One of these was money. Dr. Clay Siegall had been working with Bristol earlier where he faced many constraints. He could not get the autonomy on projects. He was a senior researcher and had issues regarding the patents, ownership as well as profits. Al this was due to money. He was well aware that his patents were grossing millions in the market, but it was not reaching him or his research. Similarly, he felt that he did not get the recognition that he deserved. This was when Dr. Clay Siegall decided to be his own boss and founded Seattle Genetics.

Seattle Genetics makes money by selling its own, proprietary drugs. They have a FDA-approved antibody-drug conjugate that has been approved for three indications presently. This is ADCetris, which is doing very well. There are revenues coming from production partnerships. Next, they earn money from licensing of those technologies as well as processes that they have developed.

Dr. Clay Siegall clarified that getting FDA-approval for drugs is a long and expensive process. But once it is done, there is a lot of money that can be made.

Next, there is a huge risk too. This is because very few candidate drugs get approved. The entire bill has to be borne by the drug makers. The company has several other revenue sources too.

It took his company just 10 years after the IPO came out, to become profitable.

Drew Madden, The Passionate Healthcare IT Entrepreneur

There’s another counseling firm around the local area for social insurance suppliers receiving Epic Systems-style advanced records frameworks — this one with a previous leader of a noteworthy Madison medicinal services startup at its rudder.

Drew Madden is a Healthcare IT business visionary who is energetic about building high bore groups, one of a kind and alluring organization culture and confided in associations.

Drew joined Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010 and filled in as president. Amid his residency, the organization developed from 15 to 720 workers and 4 to 160 customer accomplices, and furthermore accomplished a #1 KLAS positioning for Epic usage benefits in 2011 and 2013. Beforehand, Drew functioned as an EpicCare Inpatient and Willow expert and later worked in business advancement where he banded together with human services associations on their usage procedure. Drew began his medicinal services IT profession filling in as an Implementation Consultant at Cerner Corporation.

Drew holds a B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering with a concentration in Medical Systems from the University of Iowa College of Engineering.

Evergreen Healthcare Partners entered the market after a gathering of Madison-based business administrators discreetly reported its dispatch using LinkedIn a week ago. Madison is as of now a wellspring for organizations like Nordic, Bluetree Network and Sagacious Consultants that have some expertise in electronic therapeutic records counseling. Most are vigorously staffed by previous Epic workers.

Evergreen Healthcare Partners give industry-driving human services IT mastery to our accomplices the nation over… We do it unexpectedly. Everything begins with the possibility that people matter and individuals have a significant effect. Many years of experience have shown us that investing the additional energy to locate the correct open door in light of inclinations, objectives, and ranges of abilities makes the establishment for an enduring organization.

Chafe’s new organization would straightforwardly contend with Nordic, which has accomplished a prominent around the local area for its workforce of 1000 representatives, its status as one of the nation’s “best work environment” and its acknowledgment by the statistical surveying bunch KLAS as one of the more effective Epic-particular advisors in the business.

Goad said that in spite of the fact that wellbeing records would be a center concentration of Evergreen, the organization would “ideally be greater than that” and enable suppliers with wellbeing to mind innovation all the more extensively.

Sentient AI – Because Marketing Matters

Marketing is often regarded as one of the most critical assets of a company, as it is the connection between the product, the producer, and the customer base. A good marketing sector allows for a stable relationship and bond between the three parts and a competent marketing professional always makes sure that the reputation of the corporation is intact.


The biggest and, some may argue, the most relevant marketing, is done through the online world, the internet. Online marketing is the art of using all of the available resources to spread the word about your product and what you can offer that is unique and that suits a particular need for your client base. The art of real marketing is showing customers the item that they didn’t know they needed or wanted, and convincing them to buy it.


Because of the importance of this field, many believe that personal recommendations are some of the most effective tools for propaganda and for spreading the word. With one happy customer, that could turn into ten different clients in a matter of weeks. That is the main reason why it is so important to have a strong reputation online.


Sentient AI is a tool that many companies around the world are using to boost their online presence. It is one of the best e-commerce engines for online stores, and it has a brilliant AI that recommends relevant products to customers who visit your online store. It is faster, smarter and more practical than relying on your staff to make these recommendations and organize that side of your shop.


Because of how the Sentient AI was programmed, it does not matter who clogged and filled your online store is, or how many products are available to your customers. Because it has been designed to search for relevant similarities between the products that interest your clients and others in the store, it searches for the right items to recommend in an instant. This system is boosting the opportunity for your online store to sell more after a successful purchase by a significant margin, and it is a method that is used by the most prominent stores in the world, like Amazon and Groupon.


Sentient AI is an e-commerce recommendation engine that was specifically created to serve as a modern and practical tool that provides recommendation of other products to clients that visit your store based on what they are purchasing or intend to buy.

Charity Organizations Supported By Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is a successful CEO in the financial sector. Apart from being a corporate leader, he has an interest in staying fit and improving people’s lives. He can be seen from time to time encouraging his fellow employees to embrace healthy lifestyles so they can avoid lifestyle related illnesses. Some of his achievements in the fitness sphere include completion of several marathons and triathlon competitions. As a way of trying to help fellow men and make his belief in helping fellow men come true, he has supported the following charitable organizations:

  1. God’s Love We Deliver
    Jeffry has helped Gods Love We Deliver in their struggle to provide nutrition support to needy people in the New York metropolitan area. The organization prepares food and serves them free to people who are sick and are unable to go out to buy food or even cook. He loves the work done by the organization as a way of trying to make the world a better place to live. The organization helps people who suffer from health complications and are unable to cook. They can deliver food within 24 hours free of charge after they have been contacted.
  2. Cherokee Home for Children
    This charity provides a Christian home environment for homeless children. It is well designed to help children grow physically, intellectually, and emotionally. The organization believes the word of God is necessary for the development of a child, and they embrace it in their daily works.
  3. The Gazelle Foundation
    It is an organization which provides clean drinking water to people in Burundi, Africa. Burundi is among developing countries in Africa, and access to drinking water is a problem. The organization knows the lack of clean water can expose people to different life threatening conditions. They support various projects throughout the country to secure clean drinking water so that people can enjoy life.
  4. Wonders and Worries
    There are times when children lack guidance from their parents, and they end up developing bad habits. This organization helps parents acquire the necessary skills they need to become more responsible care-givers, and helps children cope when their parents are sick. Children need guidance to grow, and this charitable organization has several experts who guide children to become good citizens. Jeffry Schneider supports their work as a way of making the world a better place.

How COO Dave McDonald and OSI Group’s Executive Team Is Leading The Company Into A New Era

There are probably few companies that work in the food production sector that understand how to succeed on a global level as well as the company OSI Group LLC does. The company is the poster child for being a local business that eventually grew to have and achieve international ambitions. At a much earlier point in the history of OSI Group LLC the company was an endeavor that was run by a family. The company would eventually go on to reach very important milestones such as being chosen to be a regional supplier to the restaurant chain McDonald’s. However after conquering a regional market the OSI Group LLC would go on to conquer the world. Today OSI Group can say that it was once was a family business that grew into a multinational corporation that now employs 20,000 people around the world.

The company has been able to see important success in promising national economies such as China. For instance in 2013 a magazine that is called Food and Drink International reported that OSI Group LLC had launched a feed mill in China that was among the biggest feed mills that existed in the entire country. The company had also reportedly reached critical milestones in other countries such as the Eastern European nation of Poland, the Southeast Asian country of India and the Western European nation of Switzerland. The OSI Group created new jobs in Switzerland by launching a plant that focused on developing frozen meal products. In India OSI Group LLC also turned its focus to the production of frozen food items for companies that exist along the supply chain between customers and restaurants.

OSI Group LLC is active in 17 nations around the world and continues to play a crucial role as a meat processing company. While OSI Group LLC started out as a smaller company led by a group of relatives today it is led by a capable team of executives that includes the company’s chief operating officer Dave McDonald. Dave McDonald plays an important role in the success of OSI Group LLC. He provides the management expertise that is necessary for a company with operations around the world to run smoothly. Before Dave McDonald was named the chief operating officer of OSI Group LLC he worked as a Project Manager for the company. In addition to fulfilling his duties as a senior executive at OSI Group LLC Dave McDonald is also the chairman of the North American Meat Institute.

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How George Secker Teaches People About The Forex Market

As the owner of Learn To Trade, George Secker has been teaching forex trading to people for several years. He has often said that he’s not a why guy, instead he’s a why not guy. He has used to philosophy to succeed in business and the world of investing. He’s said that he’s open to trying out new ideas and then figuring out the details as he goes along.

George Secker studied agriculture and food sciences while attending university. He changed his focus after attending a Thomas Cook Financial Services stand during a job fair held at the school. As he also had a background in building and selling computers, he knew how to code. He was brought into the company to work on their Virtual Trading Desk software. In order to program the software he worked with traders and from that learned their craft and how to trade currencies.

After learning how to trade currencies and seeing first hand how lucrative it could be, Secker borrowed £5,000 in order to trade himself. He ended up turning that initial amount into £60,000 over the course of the next year. He eventually earned enough money that he could retire from trading as a full-time career. He was bored at home, though, so he took inspiration from public speakers such as Tony Robbins and decided to do something similar but built around forex trading. He now holds seminars where he teaches people the secrets of currency trading and how to do so profitably.

George Secker is from Norfolk, England. He has hosted financial seminars around the world including in places such as Ghana, Australia, the Phillippines, and New Zealand. He has also been a keynote speaker, including at 2011 National Achievers Congress. He was also awarded the Outstanding Individual Corporate Leadership award that is given out by National CSR in the UK.

The Greg Secker Foundation is a charity organization that Secker created in 2010. He awards money to youth programs that are focused on high-quality education, life skills, and developing leadership abilities. He has also helped in other ways, such as building 100 new home in Lemery, The Phillippines after a natural disaster.

Jason Hope a Tech Enthusiast

Technological advancement is shaping the world and how we do things. As a result, connectivity is becoming an integral part of any society including the campuses. Today smartphones, laptops, and tablets have become an integral part of learning, and it won’t be long before we start seeing wearable devices and new inventions making their way into the mainstream.

According to Jason Hope, one area that is going to be largely impacted by the emerging technologies is the internet of things (IoT). Hope is an Arizona based entrepreneur, investor and a tech enthusiast whose degree in finance helps him monitor and predict the market trends of the internet of things and identify areas of investment.

Internet of things is going to revolutionize learning in the Universities. Many universities today are embracing the use of IoT in monitoring various aspects in campuses such as security and energy with a view to creating a better experience. IoT will help campuses lower costs of response to changing needs, increase efficiency and cut on human resources. For now, internet of things has not become fully operational as it is being used behind the scenes. However things are beginning to take shape as learning is becoming more and more digital with the introduction of smart classrooms where digital whiteboards are being used, there are integration and connectivity of laptops and tablets, lectures are streamed live, and video projectors are used to enhance technology.

With innovations, more information is now available online, and the way of learning where student assemble in a class is changing, students can now access lectures and reading materials online using personal devices on their schedule. Distance learning is beginning to take shape and knowledge is being digitized with the existence of learning materials such as textbook online. Companies are using IoT to know more about their customers; the same way Universities can use IoT to monitor their students and rate their performance. Already some campuses have already implemented the use tracking devices to assign student marks based on performance. Jason Hope is leading the way in ensuring that the IoT is being used in campuses.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist who hails from Arizona, and he is passionate about technology and more so the internet of things. Hope attended Arizona State University where he pursued a Bachelors Degree in Finance. Hope also holds an MBA from W.P Carey School of Business.

Besides being a businessman Jason Hope is a philanthropist and has contributed Half a million dollars in the form of donation towards the SENSE Foundation. The money is intended to help the foundation in advancing biotechnological research with the aim of fighting age-related diseases such as Alzheimer, cancer and respiratory illness among others.