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Bernardo Chua: Building A Business based On Improving Peope’s Health

There are people who specialize in one useful piece of knowledge and use it to ensure a successful career. Bernardo Chua was able to accomplish this. When he was a young child, he had learned that a mushroom called Ganoderma lucidum could do wonders to improve someone’s overall health. This simple knowledge about a mushroom would eventually get him to start his own company called Organo Gold. He founded the company in 2008. The Organo Gold company sells a variety of beverages, supplements, and skin care products with the key ingredient being Ganoderma lucidum. Mr. Chua educates the public about all the health properties that are contained in the Ganoderma lucidum. He believes that continuing to get the word out is going to keep his company at a competitive advantage in the direct selling industry. Read more about Bernardo Chua at

The company that helped to launch Bernardo Chua’s career was GanoExcel. The company was recruiting people who could help to advertise products such as coffees and teas that were blended with the Ganoderma lucidum. The company hired Bernardo Chua because of his knowledge, as well as his good-natured character. Mr. Chua performed his duties for the company so well that he climbed the ranks and was appointed to lead the North American branch for Gano Excel.

People who are trying to find a simple way to increase their overall health can do so by using some of the Organo Gold products. It could be as simple as drinking a cup of Organo Gold coffee once a day. Taking products with Ganoderma lucidum will create a state where the body is better able to produce oxygen. When a human body can generate more oxygen, it is better able to toughen the overall immune system. People with diabetes, high blood pressure, stress, and other health issues are better able to manage their issues while taking Ganoderma.

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Ted Bauman Outlines Shocking Revelations on Apple’s Future

In one of his recent publications of his newsletter at Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman explains the reasons leading to the plunging of Apple price stocks. He starts by saying that the New York Stock Exchange took a large amount of the company’s money. Additionally, Bauman outlines the reasons why the iPhone maker’s future is not as promising as it was some ten years back. According to the recently released fourth –quarter fiscal report from Apple, the total company’s earnings per share stood at $2.91 and the total revenue at $62.1 billion. Commenting about this report, Ted Bauman noted that the investors look upon the company’s future performance but not the past. He added that due to the company’s renowned growth and innovation expertise, the investors are full of expectations in the company’s stocks contrary to the report.

Ted Bauman is however quick to add that the company has experienced a slow or no growth since the death of Steve Jobs, the former Chief Executive Officer, in 2015. Additionally, the snail-paced growth contributed to the company’s share diving. Ted Bauman pointed out that although Apple is the highest earning company in the world and its earnings result from the company’s pricing power. He said that the company sells its products at extremely high prices not because they are better than the phones from its competitors but because of the brand. Many customers are ready to pay an extra coin to be part of Apple brand because the company invested in the brand. However, he warns that to bring a brand to that level is very expensive and Apple worked on it.

Most of the company’s profit comes through the sale of the iPhone that holds the large market share in the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan. Globally, iPhone holds a small percentage of 20 percent of the smartphone market. The unique experience in Apple’s brand makes the customers accept to pay more. On the future of Apple in the stock market, Ted Bauman notes that it is likely to hit low because the financial report results brought lower figures than anticipated by analysts who predicted it to hit $93 billion in revenue.

Eucatex’s Environmental Education Program by Flavio Maluf

Flavio is a businessman and executive of Eucatex who has invested most of his career in the company instilling sustainability and other social actions. Eucatex which is turning 67 on 23rd November 2018, deals in a variety of building products. Some include partitions, floors, doors, MDP and MDP panels, paints, fiber sheets and varnishes from Brazil. Read more about Flavio at

Founded in 1951, Eucatex is based in São Paulo and uses eucalyptus trees as raw materials in its production. Flavio insisted on environmental and social benefits starting an investment in land and reforestation projects in 1962. The plan was to sustain their tree supply and expansion of the company while ensuring the sustainability of the land.

Flavio Maluf’s love for the environment led him to spread the company’s operations beyond its headquarters in São Paulo city throughout Brazil. Through Eucatex, he started an informative program, “Casa da Natureza ” which is an Environmental Education Program (PEA). The project also got support from the public, especially the government and schools in São Paulo. Flavio Maluf received a partnership with city hall’s representatives; Salto, Avaré, Bofete, and Anhembi including some Public Education Networks student attendants.

The program mainly focused on the importance of afforestation, preservation of forests, eucalyptus as an important forest-based product and raw material, park visits, urban tree planting and management of ecological trails. Flavio Maluf, through Eucatex’s Environmental Education Program, has since implemented the project, including recovery planting of trees in degraded areas receiving more than 27,000 visitors.

Eucatex also lets the society participate in the program through socioeconomic diagnosis through their specialists by conducting regular checks. An example is the community surrounding, or nearby Eucatex’s farms get interviewed on how to better improve their quality of life, forest operations, and social well-being.

The communities’ lives get improved through Eucatex’s Apiculture program which helped them start income generation projects. Those living around the forest are then allowed to grow pasture near the woods or start beekeeping projects to exploit the eucalyptus flowering and produce honey in the process.



Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides: A Strategy for Success

Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides have worked their entire careers to help their patients get the best value-based care available. Currently, both Shinto and Kokkinides work as executives at InnovaCare Health, a provider of Medicare plans and physician practice services. Throughout their careers, Shinto and Kokkinides have learned to lead, and it is through their collective experiences that they are able to ensure the future of InnovaCare Health.

Richard Shinto started out as an internist and pulmonologist in California shortly after he earned his medical degree from the University of New York at Stony Brook. Shinto knew from the start that he wanted to help people on a larger scale, so he soon took up a position as the Corporate Vice President of Medical Management for MedPartners, a staffing company that tries to get the best physicians to patients. After a few years there, he became the COO and Chief Medical officer at Medical Pathways Management Company. Shinto continued to climb the ladder, moving to the Chief Medical Officer position at the NAMM of California, and eventually, he settled into a role as the CEO of Aveta, Inc., a managed healthcare company. After a few years, Shinto was offered a position at InnovaCare Health, and he welcomed it with open arms.

Richard Shinto currently works alongside his long-time colleague and talented individual Penelope Kokkinides. Kokkinides had a similar backstory to Shinto. She worked for several years in the managed care industry and found herself working as the COO of Aveta, Inc. alongside Shinto. When Shinto was offered a position at InnovaCare Health, Kokkinides could not pass up the opportunity to move with him to the Company. Penelope Kokkinides has worked for over 15 years in the industry, and she has experience at such companies like the United Health Group and AmeriChoice.

Now, both Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are leading InnovaCare Health into the future of managed medicine. The Company is currently working hard to get their customers the best and highest quality value-based care that they are able to. They work with a vast network of physicians and companies to get patients everything they need at costs they can afford. InnovaCare Health uses a three-pronged approach of working with the culture of an area, the leadership of care providers, and a governance structure that enables them to get what they need. InnovaCare services over a half a million individuals, and through the leadership of Shinto and Kokkinides, they are able to give the best service possible.

Victoria Doramus Brilliant Contributions to the World of Marketing

Lifestyles, designs and overall consumer trends are some of the relatively complex niches in the world of advertising. However, these three critical niches have been Victoria Doramus area of specialty over the years. She is synonymous with well-thought policies and approaches for companies aiming at making these three areas more profitable and finally sustainable. Her expertise and excellence in these fields are a result of her strong work ethics, her educational background and her experience in the advertising world. The University of Colorado graduate has not only helped hundreds of companies to get back on their profitability path, but she has also helped them get more sustainable advertising models. This unmatched knowledge on what can work is pegged on her time in the media world.

Apart from having a successful career, approach to voluntary work defines a professional. Victoria Doramus, for example, has been the standard definition of giving back especially to courses she believes in their vision. Some of the notable organization she is passionate are the following. First, she is part of the Best Friends Animal Society family. Through this organization, she has been able to contribute to animal shelters and animals rescue missions.

Second, Doramus is also part of Room to Read family. Through this organization, she is able to contribute her time and resources to hundreds of families through educational programs. Through Room to Read family, she has also interacted with some of the best brains from low-income families and in return, get inspired for her various assignments. By this organization also, she has been part of the team that is making a difference to thousands of kids around the world especially in Africa and part of Asia.

Since Victoria Doramus is a firm believer of a drugs-free society, she has been part of The Amy Winehouse Foundation family over the years as a volunteer. Her time has been vital in transforming young people who are in drugs and other unproductive behaviors. It is impressive to note that through her contributions in terms of resources and time, these young people can use arts, especially music to bring changes in their communities.

Dr. Saad Saad Believes That We Are All Equal

It is not every day that we are fortunate enough to run into professionals who derive joy from doing what they have trained for so many years to do. And when you add it to the fact that such thoroughbred professionals are also inventors and have a passion for preserving life, then perhaps we just might say that we are lucky.


But for someone like Dr. Saad Saad, luck is not a word he would want to associate with his field of expertise. As a renowned medical practitioner of over 40 years, Dr. Saad Saad never had to think of luck when he decided on what his future life calling was going to be. And certainly, luck did not play a role in his life when he graduated with honors from the prestigious Medical School of the Cairo University of Egypt.


After serving meritoriously with hard work and dedication, Dr. Saad Saad eventually retired from the K Hovnanian Children Hospital, as its Co-Medical Director and Surgeon-in-Chief.


It is worth noting that prior to his retirement from this hospital which is a part of the Hackensack Meridian Health Care System, Dr. Saad Saad had performed surgeries which were complex on children on the poor while in Jerusalem on medical missions. He has equally worked with teenagers, infants, and children, performing several complex pediatric surgeries on them.


In the past 40 years, Dr. Saad Saad has not only served humanity as a dedicated medical professional, but has also etched out precious time and resources towards not only developing several procedures for undertaking pediatric surgeries but also patenting two inventions as well.


An inventor like Dr. Saad Saad, would surely have an idea of what aspects of the medical trends of the future excites him the most. In that regard, he points to the treatments of cancer, as well as a better understanding and prevention, and how all of this is going to be impacted by the role of genetics. Clearly, in order for medical practitioners and scientists to harness the trends of the future, they must be engaged in research, a fact that even Dr. Saad Saad attest to as being the reason why he was able to develop his own inventions – an endoscope and a catheter.


For a medical doctor of Dr. Saad Saad’s stature, it would be easy to want to delve into his past and find out what makes him tick, who he is, and what his outlook on life would be.


According to him, he was trained by one of the USA’s greatest pediatric surgeons in the person of Dr. H. Biemann Othersen. This should not be surprising as great practitioners surely have great mentors. And this fact is further buttressed by Dr. Saad Saad’s own admission that he learnt from Dr. Othersen how to be hard working and kind, and to treat children from all backgrounds without regard for their physical or mental abilities, religion, color, or financial status. Learn more:


This life lesson which Dr. Saad Saad holds onto is further enhanced by his recommendation that everyone in our community should read any books which reiterate that all people are created equal. In his own personal view, he knows that no matter a person’s religion, color, or race, they were all created with the same intestines, livers, lungs, hearts, and other organs.


Gareth Henry Transcend in Alternative Investment

Sometimes character takes you where knowledge cannot maintain you. Well, we know of notable academicians who find it difficult to make it in the real world, not because they lack the knowledge but there are other dynamics such as interacting with people that are inherent. Gareth Henry happens to be one of those professionals who have awesome business acumen and great in communication. He recently, revealed that this has been a plus and helped him navigate his career. Visit

Gareth Henry has successfully been able to establish gainful relations with clients in all the organizations he has worked for. He is very charismatic and seems to be very convincing and persuasive especially when he is pushing something into the market. Henry has found it easy to share out with colleagues, clients, prospects and strangers about the various investment alternatives. He is also outstanding in managing investor relations and raising business capital as well as looking for financial means.

His success cannot just be attributed to his communication skills alone, he also has a complete understanding of the market and the organization where he is working which makes him the suitable part to offer a sound opinion about things. His daily schedule begins with meetings, makes multiple calls to clients and takes time to learn about the new trends. One day he could be in Europe and on assignment the next day be in Asia which just show how sought after and resourceful, Gareth Henry is. He is very devoted to his work and performs all activities with an inherent zeal that pushes him to make the market thrive.

About Gareth Henry

Gareth is an established financial expert. He is the overall Head of Investor Relations for several Investment managers in the United Kingdom and across the United States. He is an alumnus of University of Edinburgh – Heriot Watt, where he studied Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics. Mr Henry graduated honorably with first class honors. Gareth Henry has been able to utilize his economic and finance knowledge well to make informed investment decisions. He has offered investment services at Fortress Investment Group and at one time was the Director of Strategic Solutions for Schroders PLC.


Flavio Maluf Shares His Opinions On Brazil’s Agricultural Industry

In 1997, Flavio Maluf became president of Eucatex after spending a decade proving himself worthy of the position. This move proved to be a good one for the company and they have grown immensely under his guidance. Eucatex is now worth millions of dollars and he manages to do this all while working for GrandFood as President. GrandFood is also based in Brazil and focuses on the manufacturing of agricultural brands. Visit on his twitter for more updates.

Recently, Flavio Maluf spoke about the economic issues facing Brazil’s agricultural gross domestic product. While the economy in the country grew slightly in 2018 overall, their agricultural business dropped 2.6%. Many people were shocked by this fall and didn’t understand why it was happening. Economists are still trying to figure out the cause and how the country should remedy the problem.

In the second quarter of 2018, Flavio Maluf noted that there were disruptions in the supply chain for the country due to transportation labor strikes. Out of all the industries in Brazil, agriculture appeared to be the one that suffered the most from the strikes. It’s possible that this will continue to cause problems for the sector throughout the rest of the year.

2 of the main crops affected by these strikes were corn and sugar. Corn was particularly problematic according to Flavio Maluf due to its role in raising livestock. He does expect the situation to get better over time as the strikes are settled and soybean production continues to be impressive.

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Steve Ritchie Earns Back Customer Satisfaction

Papa John’s CEO Stevie Ritchie is hopeful about the restaurants fourth quarter. After Ritchie became CEO in January of 2018, he and his reconstructing board of executives moved to rebrand the pizza chain and focus on its employees and customers. Papa John’s sales faltered slightly in their third quarter, but Stevie Ritchie along with four new vice presidents hopes to redeem the million-dollar cooperation. Ritchie looks forward to growing the restaurant into a greater success. The store continues to progress after its “The Voices” campaign launched in September. Papa John’s customers are beginning to put positive light on their negative perceptions. In the last year the company has opened 300 new stores, and in the last several weeks, the restaurant has taken on new investors.

New operations have sparked interest in acquisition. Operation’s new focal points will hopefully help reconstruct the chain of restaurants. Plans to focus on customer satisfaction, menu, innovation, technology, and analytics are in effect. The company has had a few challenges in the last year, but Stevie Ritchie is optimist about the restaurant’s success. The corporation continues to toward its goals. The pizza restaurant posted a $364 million-dollar revenue in its third quarter. International sales have increased more than 8% with the construction of new stores. As per Bloomberg, the recent improvement measures Ritchie and the revamped executive board are taking seem to be working well. Papa Johns has created their opportunity to refocus on the customer’s need. The quick action taken by the restaurant seems to be turning things around and Ritchie plans to build on the momentum to help move the restaurant back to where it needs to be. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is absolutely committed to ensuring Papa John’s maintains its customer and employee satisfaction. The fourth quarter has the potential to reflect success brought about by Papa John’s reconstructed efforts to focus on its customers satisfaction.

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Ryan Seacrest Is Going To Co-produce A Comedy About Himself

There is no doubt that Ryan Seacrest is a busy man. He starts his day by co-hosting a talk show with Kelly Ripa every weekday morning. Seacrest has been the permanent co-host since May 2017. During that time, Ripa and Seacrest have developed a strong friendship. Ripa even goes as far as to call Ryan Seacrest her work husband. This relationship has given ABC an idea for a new show. A pilot show called “Work Wife” is in the works. The show will be a multi-camera series based on work spouses and how the interaction between the work spouses impact outside relationships. The both Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa will be executive producers. The writer for the series will be Michael Ian Black who has written for both television and film.

Ryan Seacrest is not new to producing hit shows. Through is producing company Ryan Seacrest Productions, he has produced hit shows such as “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and all of the spinoffs, “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve with Ryan Seacrest”, and more.

That is not all of Seacrest’s many jobs. Seacrest also hosts a radio show called On Air with Ryan. A studio was created for Seacrest in the building where “Live with Kelly and Ryan” airs. He has also developed his own skin care line called Ryan Seacrest Polish. Seacrest also has his own clothing line that is sold at Macy’s called Ryan Seacrest Distinction.

Even though Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) will joke about the fact that he works so he can eat good food and drink good wine, he does take the time to give back. His foundation, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, builds media studios in children’s hospitals. The studios give the kids a place to go to learn and play while staying in the hospital.

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