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Adam Goldenberg Has Created Many Successful Companies

Adam Goldenberg is one of the co-founders of the incredibly successful e-commerce brand JustFab. Recently JustFab changed its name to Techstyle in an effort to grow and expand with all of the branches of the brand. There is not only just JustFab currently, but there are also several other household name companies which are tied to the company. Techstyle will now operate as the parent company of giants such as the hugely successful Fabletics company.

Fabletics recently gained attention for embracing an all-inclusive philosophy, which, until now, was unheard of in the athletic wear industry. Brands that did offer plus sizes were often poorly made or ill-fitting. Fabletics saw the need within the industry to provide their customers with a full range of sizes that are designed to fit well and last. Adam Goldenberg believes that more companies should embrace all women of all sizes when it comes to fashionable, high-quality clothing. Now everyone can enjoy this quality brand without having to wonder if they carry items in their size.

Adam Goldenberg has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He created his first successful company when he was only 16 years old. It was an advertising network for gaming named Gamer’s Alliance. He managed to sell the company after three years, in 1999 to Intermix Media. Intermix Media was to eventually become the parent company of the widely successful social media site Wikipedia. He was offered a job at the company as the Vice President of Strategic Planning. Eventually, he was promoted to the Cheif Operating Officer at only 20 years of age making him the youngest COO of a publicly traded company. The company was eventually sold in 2005 t0 News Corp for $650 million.

After Intermix was sold, Adam Goldenberg teamed up with another company employee named Don Ressler. Together they created the idea for an e-commerce beauty company called Intelligent Beauty. Intelligent Beauty was responsible for the release of several highly successful products over the years they were in business. After Intelligent Beauty the duo wanted to break into the fashion business using an e-commerce platform, which was unheard of at the time. After trial and error and a few bumps in the road, JustFab was off the ground and on its way to becoming a household name all over the world.

Jason Hope’s Insight on the Internet of Things

Jason Hope firmly believes that the power of the Internet of Things can transform the world. He has built a reputation as an entrepreneur and commentator on the latest trends in the IT marketplace. He has recently published an article about the Internet of Things, which is the newest wave of advancement in the tech industry. Jason Hope’s articles are highly regarded as authoritative in the modern technology.

Jason Hope refers the Internet of Things as the technology that allows conceivable devices to work on a same network. It includes devices such as electronics, kitchen appliances, and street lights. In essence, IoT allows devices to share data and use the same network to increase efficiency while minimizing resource wastage. In fact, this trend stands a chance to become the world’s most significant advancement in the tech industry. IoT is so influential that it is poised to be the most valuable investment that many investors will take on. As major players start to embrace the advances offered by the IoT, it will be essential for other companies to keep current with the latest tech trends. The Internet of Things will fuel a world where conceivable devices share data on the same network.

While smart technology is just an option for modern companies now, it will become a necessity in the future. Even though many people use smartphones and computers in their offices, this will soon expand into their routine activities such as turning off lights and making coffee. The world’s leading tech corporations will continue to invest in apps that allow consumers to engage in their everyday activities. Consumer utility will determine the race to the top and Hope expects this competition to intensify in the future. One of the advantages of embracing the Internet of Things is its power to eliminate resource wastage. For example, it has significantly transformed the world of public transportation. It has improved real-time monitoring of public buses and maintenance of trains, reducing dangerous conditions on the roads.

While many advancements of the IoT concern improvements of urban life, it has a significant impact on the rural areas. GPS tracking and emergency response will become more efficient with the use of the Internet of Things for data collection. Jason Hope has a well-grounded optimism regarding this latest tech trend and its ability to transform lives. Besides improving road conditions, IoT will help reduce environmental pollution.

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Rodrigo Terpins’s Recent Success as a Rally Driver is Nothing Short of Well Deserved

If you are born into a sports-loving family, it is almost inevitable that you will end up excelling at a sport. This was the reality for Rodrigo Terpins. The son of a prominent basketball player in the 1980s, Rodrigo was encouraged by his father to explore various types of sports which led him and his younger brother, Michel to become rally drivers.

Rodrigo has now been racing professionally for more than a decade. He drives a T-Rex racing car in the T1 prototype category. Rodrigo Terpins chiefly takes part in the Sertoes rally, which is held in the third quarter of every year. Considered one of the toughest rallies in the country, the multiple-stage Sertoes rally covers thousands of kilometers across difficult terrain. Consequently, finishing the rally, let alone, winning it requires not only speed, but also dedication, and an excellent support team.

Together with Michel, Rodrigo races under the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. The team has gained significant prominence in the last few years owing to the large number of sponsors that give it support. In addition to the MEM support team that developed the cars driven by the two brothers, they are also sponsored by Bull Sertoes, Motul, Xarla, Ohlins and 100% Eventos. The effectiveness of this team handling all non-racing matters has enabled Rodrigo to specifically concentrate on driving his T-Rex as fast as he possibly can.

Rodrigo Terpins’s most recent rally participation came in the 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally. Guided by his navigator Fabricio, Rodrigo came third in the T1 prototype category. While the 2,200 km ally was shorter than previous editions, it still featured the difficult off-road terrain. The rally cut across two states and was divided into a total of seven stages. It attracted dozens of participants in the motorcycle, UTV, and vehicle categories. Check out Terra to see more.

While Rodrigo’s run in the 22nd Sertoes rally was almost flawless, it did feature a few blimps. Rodrigo’s experienced mechanical on two separate occasions. Fortunately, however, Rodrigo and Fabricio were equal to the malfunctions on both occasions. After all, malfunctions only add to the irresistible thrill of rally driving.

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Oncotarget Manifests Itself as a Platform That Aids in the Fight against Diseases

Aging is the process in which animals, human beings and plants, which have ceased growing, become older. In human beings particularly, aging is considered as a risk factor as it increases susceptibility to get diseases and even death. The causes of aging are not well known but there are numerous theories that discuss this. Most of the theories relate aging to the damage concept. This explains that continuous accumulation of damage causes body systems to fail or slow down. This journal, by editor in chief Mikhail Blagosklonny is ranked third in documents that discuss aging. In early October, IntegraGen– a company that works on conversion of data from biological samples into genomic data and diagnostic tools for oncology– announced that Ocnotarget’s journal on the Expression Level of miR-31-3p with development-free survival in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer had been published. The article was explaining the relationship between of usefulness of anti-EGFR therapy and the standard of marker expression. Also featured were the remarks of the co-author and lead investigator of the research- John Primrose.

Primrose who is a Professor of surgery at the Southampton University expressed his delight in this achievement of being able to publish clinical data, which in the long term would help to customize therapeutic approaches and improve services that reached patients of metastatic colorectal cancer. Recent information had shown that colorectal cancer had become the third most common cancer and men and second in women. Every year, about 1.3 million new cases of the cancer are reported in the world. Of this, about 25% will be diagnosed with cancer at first diagnosis and 50% will develop it later after the diagnosis. The cancer had fast become the fourth cause of cancer-related deaths taking about 700,000 lives each year. The research would, therefore, help in saving so many lives.The miRpredX 31-3p kit that IntegraGen had of late announced its availability as a ready to use kit in testing FFPE tumors would also be helpful.

The miRpredX 31-3p was the first positive test for patients suffering from metastatic colorectal cancer. It would be used to predict the possible clinical benefit in the treatment of anti-EGFR therapy in comparison with anti-VEGF therapy in non-mutated RAS patients. IntegraGen is focused on providing researchers and tools that will see patient treatment improve. The company is based in Cambridge, USA.Oncotarget has become widely known since it was founded in 2010 as a peer-reviewed open access medical journal. It is published by the Impact Journals and covers research on the many aspects of oncology. The editors in chief of the journal are Andrei. V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. They publish issues on a weekly basis, which can be printed for special demand. The journal looks to increase the impact of research through good and efficient reviews as well as to readily provide scientific research. Some of their other objectives include bridge the gap between specialties, create relationships between the fields of biomedical science as well as use clinical science to fight diseases.

White Shark Media Offers High-Quality Digital Marketing

Small businesses need the support of stable agencies in marketing. For such business to get a strong market platform for trading, the support must be initiated by marketing professionals who understand the importance of having viable trading platforms. Such are the features that better define White Shark Media. White Shark Media was established with small to medium and average businesses in mind. This agency has done a great job when it comes to offering marketing platforms for small business owners. According to most clients who have used the agency as a medium for selling products, White Shark Media is on the path to greatness.

Profile of management

White Shark Media has been work in progress since its establishment. It is because of this commitment that the agency has established strong marketing platforms for small business. Having been founded by experienced personalities, White Shark Media is confident about the services it offers. Under the leadership of these strong people, the agency has managed to help most businesses to rise through high marketing skills.

The customer’s reviews

For years, White Shark Media has been on the lead of digital marketing. Through professional help from the team, the agency has managed to elevate over 1,000 small businesses through appropriate and cutting-edge technologies. White Shark Media is one of the few yet affordable digital agencies that a small business owner can invest in for success. Recently, the agency announced the beginning of a premier program that is set to facilitate the learning process of online marketing.


White Shark Media has received acknowledgement from different clients. Through the CEO of the agency, the teams that participate in managing companies and their portfolios have received the same acknowledgement. This is proof that as a team, White Shark Media is focused on developing the portfolios of small and average businesses. With the assistance of the CEO, this has been possible.

Dr. Mark Holterman: Engaging In Philanthropic Endeavors To Provide Treatment To Patients Across The World

Dr. Mark Holterman is an incredibly established individual in the field of medicine. He has been working in the sector for several years and has been a practicing pediatric surgeon for most of them. One of the areas that Dr. Mark Holterman focuses on is the treatment of rare chronic and autoimmune disorders in children. He is currently a professor of Pediatric Surgery at the Illinois College of Medicine and is considered to be one of the most well known and renowned professors at the college. He has been a mentor to several upcoming surgeons who want to get into the field of pediatric surgery. He is also a part of numerous organizations that help people with these conditions all over the world and has founded his organization for the treatment of chronic diseases that affect people in the United States. He has traveled the globe, performing complex operations on children who need that kind of treatment. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holterman’s profile at

One of the global organizations that Dr. Mark Holterman is part of is the IPSAC-VN, which stands for the International Pediatric Specialist Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. The organization is one that connects doctors from all over the world with patients in Vietnam who are in need of sophisticated treatments, and who do not have the means to pay for the medications that they are in need of. The organization also aims to improve the condition of pediatric surgery in the country. Dr. Mark Holterman is an active part of this organization and has traveled numerous times to the country to perform surgery on patients.


Dr. Mark Holterman has also founded his own organizations with similar purposes. The organization that he founded is called the Hannah Sunshine Foundation which was inspired by three individuals who were diagnosed with systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis, which is one of the rarest forms of juvenile arthritis. The organization is aimed to educate doctors about the issue, and to provide them with treatment options to offer to their patients who are diagnosed with this disorder. The organization aims to ultimately help find a cure for this disorder, which currently is taken care of only through rigorous treatments. Know more on

Protecting an organization from data breaches by ex-employees

An Employee’s last day at an organization often consists of either a “Well he’s a jolly good fellow” song and a cake, or having an HR Person stand over someone while they pack up their cube into boxes and get escorted out of the building. While the latter is more predictive of someone leaving the organization with a bitter taste in their mouth, both scenarios represent a potential risk to the organization if their departure is not handled appropriately from an Information Technology (IT) perspective.

There are cases of ex-employees reeking serious havoc on their past employers that caused massive financial losses, adverse impact to customers and internal scrambles to rectify the issue. Such examples include OFCOM, the communications regulator in the UK. An ex-employee made the poor decision of sharing over six years’ worth of data with their prospective employer. This was one of the “lucky” cases as the prospective employer chose not to utilize the data. Another well-known example is the Marriott Hotels breach in 2016. A disgruntled ex-employee decided to log into Marriott’s internal systems after being let go, all from the comfort of their own home. Once logged in, the ex-employee began lowering room rates associated with active hotel reservations. This cost Marriott roughly $50,000.

It is mind boggling to think that after an employee leaves an organization over 58% of them still have access to their previous organization’s corporate network. With so much work put into removing their badge so they cannot access the front door, why is the same diligence not put forth to protect an organization’s most valuable assets, their internal data.

An organization must take accountability to eliminate the threat of inappropriate access to internal networks by ex-employees. Human Resources and IT can break down the silos and work together. Companies like onelogin can help your organization be proactive and prevent the intrusions from happening before they cost your organization a security disaster.

Eli Gershkovitch talks about the art of knowing beer

There is a big difference between beer drinkers and beer enthusiasts. A beer enthusiast understands every aspect of their favorite drink. As a beer enthusiast, the first step in knowing beer is by knowing how to taste it. When you look at the beer, what do you see? Is the beer clear or cloudy? Does the aroma from the glass call your name or does it just sit there, without inviting you to take a sip?

Most of the beer drinkers never notice the subtle nuances that differentiate between ‘just a beer’ and a ‘great beer.’ Beer enthusiasts, on the other hand, will notice even the slightest change in smell or color of their favorite beer. As you taste different beer flavors and understand their differences, you will understand the language that beer enthusiasts and experts use to describe different types of beer. Read more about his craft beers at The Bro Talk.

Once you have a clear understanding of the different beer flavors, the next important thing that you should know is how to store your favorite beer. Proper storage of beer is necessary for the preservation of the intrinsic characteristics. Beer should never be stored in areas where temperatures aren’t regulated. It should also be stored away from direct light as it hampers its quality. It is recommended to store beer in a cool basement in the dark. This encourages aging especially when the beer is stored for a long time which results in better taste and aroma. It is also essential to store beer upright.

About Eli Gershkovitch, CEO of Steamworks craft breweries

Eli Gershkovitch is an accomplished Canadian businessman. Eli is the Chief Executive officer of Steamworks Brewery and companies. He is considered as one of the brilliant entrepreneurs who rose from humble beginnings to the helm of fortune 500 company. It takes a lot of wisdom, dedication and hard work to transform a small pub into a prosperous and stable brewery.

Steamworks opened its doors to the public in 1995 as a small and a little pub in Gastown, Vancouver. Eli Gershkovitch then embarked on an ambitious expansion strategy that has borne fruits in just a few years. Learn more about Eli Gershkovitch at Crunchbase.

Unlike other businesspeople of his caliber, Eli Gershkovitch likes to keep it casual. Eli adores personal freedom, and he approaches life with a calm attitude. On the business arena, Eli is an aggressive businessman who firmly believes in innovation, improvement and effective growth.


The Mission of the USHEALTH Group, Inc. on Providing Better Health Care

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a group of companies that have decided to combine their efforts to provide an affordable level of innovative health coverage for the average person.

Since USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a family of companies, the companies have decided to come up with a full portfolio of arrangements that are meant to meet your health coverage and your particular life needs.

These group of companies has more than 50 years of broad experience in health insurance. According to Bloomberg, As a result of the experience that they have in the health insurance USHEALTH Group of companies have over the years proven themselves to be loyal and true innovators in the health industry.

They have been able to build a name for themselves by providing health care plans that are affordable to a person who has an average income, one that is flexible and a health care coverage that one can use for themselves and their family at large.  Read more: Rachel Munoz Florido – USHEALTH Group

Over the years the group of companies has expanded its operations. It has been able to offer quality coverage through its licensed life and its health insurance companies. By providing up to the standard health care coverage, they have also managed to include in their area of operations, some particular disease or sickness as well as accident insurance, dental coverage for people who have dental issues, critical illness such as cancer.

Also, other life-threatening diseases, short-term accident disability income insurance and so many health-related insurances and benefits.

The mission of USHEALTH Group, Inc. is summarized into an acronym called HOPE. In full HOPE stands for Helping Other People Every day. That acronym puts into full practice by the staff, management as well as independent contractors and agents of USHEALTH.

The company lives in this mission every single day. Over the years, the organization has managed and has committed to impacting a positive change in the lives of other individuals.

According to the company, there is no other better way to positively influence people’s lives than by giving them an affordable health care coverage. That move is influenced by the fact that health is one of the most important concerns in our lives. USHEALTH is at the top of the niche among the health insurance companies. USHEALTH has been able to provide affordable as well as reliable products.

They can provide you with coverage that will be able to cater for your everyday medical expenses. The group of companies (USHEALTH) has grown over the years, and they can now boast of having over 15 million customers who are served by the company. Their customer coverage has been influenced by the fact that they have been able to combine experience and innovation in all their work.

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Talkspace Provides an Attractive Alternative to Traditional Therapy

Talkspace is certainly gaining a large amount of popularity, and there is definitely going to be more talk about this app as it evolves. In the world of therapy there are a lot of people that need therapy that will not necessarily go out to get it. This is often a problem in circles where people may assume that they are going to be judged for getting help from a therapist. People that have these private lives may want to keep everything to themselves, but that is not a good thing to do.

It is going to be much more helpful for anyone that is having problems in life to talk with someone about the problems that are occurring. Talkspace is just a app that people need when it comes to making a better life for themselves. People can get more inspiration with an app when they find themselves in a place that they can be open and free without any reservations. This is what Talk space provides. It has become the type of app that gives people a chance to connect with a therapist, but people can still maintain a great sense of anonymity. This is the thing that makes this app so special.

Most people would agree that their attraction to the app comes from the fact that it gives them the ability to stay connected to a therapist that can provide information on a variety of issues. Traditionally, a therapist is going to require people to come back over and over again. Users that connect with Talkspace will have the chance to get a lower costs on their text based therapy. This is something that people appreciate about Talkspace. It gives them the chance to share their problems, but they do not have to spend a lot.