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The Leading Provider in Lung Disease Treatment

When it comes to disease some can be harder to live with than others. For example, lung disease affects literally everything you do. Many find it hard to complete daily tasks or chores while others will have to limit or eliminate other activities such as playing sports. There are traditional treatment options, however, they will only treat the symptoms and not the disease itself. Stem cell therapy can relieve the symptoms, stop any further damage, and in many cases, it can even reverse the damage.

So, what exactly are stem cells and how do they work? In short stem, cells are cells that have not formed into a specific type of cell such as an organ or tissue. They can replicate other cells and multiply as well. The Lung Institute is a leading provider of lung disease treatment and stem cell therapy is the most common treatment used through this provider. The Lung Institute usually uses the autologous method which means the stem cells used to treat the patient will also come from the same patient. It’s ideal to use your own stem cells in most cases as it’s easier to perform, doesn’t carry the rejection rate, and is matched to your body.

There are two ways to collect the stem cells, reveals PR Web. Blood venous is the preferred and most common method as it typically contains a quantity to meet most needs. Those who require a higher amount of stem cells may need to have the stem cells harvested from bone marrow since it contains more. The harvested stem cells will then be filtered to help purify and concentrate them. The stem cells will then be injected back into the bloodstream and pushed into the lungs as the heart beats. While the results aren’t immediate, the healing process can begin rather quickly. Once the stem cells are caught in a pulmonary trap, they will begin replicating surrounding tissues and replace the damaged ones.

The Lung Institute treats the following diseases and conditions:

  • COPD
  • Emphysema
  • Interstitial Lung Disease
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • Pneumoconiosis
  • Chronic Bronchitis
  • Bronchiectasis

Regardless of how the stem cells are collected, The Lung Institute suggests patients plan to spend a total of three days near one of the treatment centers. You can contact The Lung Institute via Facebook for a consultation to help determine whether you qualify for stem cell therapy and what to expect from the procedure.

Scott Rocklage: The Professor

Scott Rocklage Ph.D. has over 20 years of experience in the world of healthcare and its management and has been awarded several times for his stellar contributions to the medical world in general. He was able to join the 5 AM Ventures way back in 2003 as a partner and had become the manager in 2004.

He has been in leadership positions, and these have prepared him because currently he sits in several bards and oversees a lot of things around the country. He was the one which led to the successful approval of three new drugs:


  1. Telascan
  2. Omniscan


Apart from that, he has entered six drugs into the clinical trials. As a leader who can inspire and lead to the betterment of the places that he serves, he has performed incredibly well. As an academic with the gift to invent, he has capitalized on that and has now registered over 30 patents that he invented or co-invented.

He conducted his research in the lab of Richard R. Schrock who won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. His publications which have been peer-reviewed having shown just how much of an academic he is which is something that has been proud of.

His Services

Over the years he has been in several positions that have included boards and other interests that have shaped who he is.

  • He has been the president of the Nycomed Salutar where he was also a Chief Executive Officer.

He held the R&D positions at Salutar and Catalytica.

He was serving as the board chair of Relypsa (NASDAQ: RLYP)

He was also on the board of Novira which was eventually acquired by J&J.

As of now, Scott Rocklage is serving as the Chairman on the board of the Rennovia, Cidara, and Kinestral.

  • He has been on the board of Epirasx and Pulmatrix.

Suffice to say that he has made a mark.

Alma Mater

He got his:

  • Bachelor of Science from The University of California in Chemistry.
  • He got his Ph.D. from MIT.

As an academic and an investor, he is just great.




The Amazing Tech Career and Philanthropy of Eric Pulier

The young-looking Eric Pulier has several achievements to his name. He is a graduate of Harvard University. Besides being an amazing technologist, he is author, columnist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and public speaker. As an entrepreneur, he has developed and grown many startups which earned him the reputation for being a brilliant tech entrepreneur of the modern business world.


Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey, and he was a brilliant student throughout his schooling. In 1984, he finished his high school and launched his computer company for the database. At Harvard, he became the editor of the university’s daily newspaper The Harvard Crimson. In 1991, he moved Los Angeles to begin his professional career. The most successful startup by Pulier is the XPrize which involves many prizes and competitions for people that push themselves to the maximum level. It was meant to help adults and teens that lack the passion for achieving their goals.


Another wonderful Startup by Eric Pulier is Akana. Later, he launched a program called SOA software. He acquired many SOA vendors during the decade of the 2000s. Rogue Wave Software bought the company in 2016 after it had transformed into a powerful SOA solutions provider.


The philanthropy work of Eric Pulier is also very impressive. His biggest philanthropic achievement is a camp named Painted Turtle which provides care to chronically ill children. He is the Vice President of cloud operations with Painted Turtle. He gives both his time and money to the organization that is working to provide care to children with unusual medical needs. He also works with Starbright World for the same reason. He uses his tech skills and money to build special social media platforms to spread the awareness about such children. The network helps people with similar problems to meet and interact with each other. During the 1990s, Pulier also worked with President Clinton to find cheaper solutions of cloud computing for low-income communities. He is also the pioneer of multimedia education platforms that are specific to home-based users. He launched a program that gained huge popularity in short time. It was about teaching people who have multiple sclerosis about their disease.




Protecting the Community Via Securus Technologies Video Visitation

A prime focus of the criminal justice technological solutions developed by Securus Technologies is to protect and enhance public safety. The technologies available from Securus Technologies include systems designed specifically with community safety in mind, like offender monitoring solutions. In addition, the company has developed technological solutions for the criminal justice system that serve manifold purposes, including protecting the community.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is one such solution. With the Securus Technologies Video Visitation system, an incarcerated person is able to more readily maintain relationships with loved ones while incarcerated.


Of course, the system is beneficial in a direct way to an inmate and his or her family. However, the benefit to the general public cannot be overlooked.


Reputable research underscores the importance of an incarcerated person maintaining meaningful ties to family members, and appropriate friends, while in jail or prison. These relationships contribute to a reduction in recidivism rates when an offender returns to the community after a period of incarceration.


As an aside, the Video Visitation system from Securus Technologies also contributes to enhanced institutional safety. One of the most significant risk points in any correctional institution is in-person visitation. It is at this juncture that contraband most commonly passes into an otherwise relatively secure institution. Using Video Visitation eliminates this in-person visitation as an entry point for dangerous contraband.


The Video Visitation is also a cost-effective approach to permitting inmates the ability to maintain key relationships. Overall, one in-person visits costs an estimated $100. On the other hand, the per visit cost via Securus Technologies Video Visitation is a mere $2.72.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is becoming more widely used each year. The company reports its use rate is doubling each year. In 2017, 2 million visits are anticipated via the Securus Technologies video system.


Avi Weisfogel – Career Highlights

In the modern world, numerous health professionals have come out to find a cure for the various medical disorders that surface continually throughout the world. One such medical personality who is in the medical fraternity and have done a remarkable job in the medical profession is Dr. Avi Weisfogel.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel has a vast wealth of experience in the medical field especially in sleep treatment and sleep-related disorders. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the founder of Dentist Sleep Masters and established his first dental practice, Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has earned numerous accolades in his field of practice due to his outstanding performance. He was at one time awarded as the Best Dentist for a number of years. Dr. Avi Weisfogel spent much of his time researching about how dentists and physicians can assist patients who suffer from sleep related disorders, using oral appliances.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology. He also obtained a DDS from New York University College of Dentistry. In his medical field and throughout his many years of practice, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has conducted research about sleep apnea developed some good mechanisms of curing it. In his research, he found out that there is a great correlation between conditions like diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease and sleep apnea.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel together with his team of experts at Dental Sleep Masters aims to provide a long lasting solution to sleep apnea. Currently, dentists can devote some of their time in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea which will eventually help many patients who suffer from this condition.Patients who suffer from this condition suffer in pain since they may end up waking up nearly thirty times at night.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel has joined various marketing clubs that the field of dentistry has to offer due to his deep interest in marketing and business for dentists. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has developed a system that created nearly two hundred and fifty to three hundred oral appliance patient per month. Sleep apnea comes about as a result of relaxation of the muscles of the throat when a person is sleeping.This results to snoring, drowsiness, insomnia and headaches when a person is walking.


The Bottom Line


Professionals in the medical fraternity like Dr. Avi Weisfogel and his medical partners have done a good work in dealing with sleep-related conditions such as sleep apnea, hence their effort needs to be recognized. This has proven that when medical and dental professionals come together, they can create a very good model which can extensively help patients combat sleep disorders.


A Look At AXA US’s Vincent Parascandola

AXA is a French insurance company that has subsidiaries throughout the world. It was founded in 1816 in Paris and has become, along with Barclays and State Street corporation, one of the three most powerful companies in the world providing global financial stability and market competition. The financial services and products that AXA provides includes retirement products and services offered through their professional financial advisors. AXA also offers several types of life insurance products including Term Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Universal Life Insured, Variable Universal Life Insurance, Indexed Universal Life Insurance, and Survivorship Life Insurance.

In 2008 AXA established the AXA Research fund which it endowed with €100 million. This fund supports research that seeks to identify and prevent threats to human life, society, and the environment. AXA has also established AXA Heart in Action which funds artistic and social initiatives around the world.

One of the top executives for AXA US is Senior Executive Vincent Parascandola. Working out of his New York office Vincent Parascandola is responsible for over 200 financial advisors in New Jersey. In addition to increasing the productivity of existing AXA financial advisers, he also recruits and trains new recruits. He has been in his current position for three years and with AXA US since 2005. Prior to joining AXA US he was with The Money Group both as an executive and as a financial advisor. He has also been an agent for Prudential Insurance, where he was named Rookie of the Year, and a Systems Analyst at Irving Trust Company.

Among the awards that Vincent Parascandola has collected in his career includes the GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards. He has also become a speaker who is a popular choice to speak at company and industry conferences. Vincent Parascandola also gave the commencement speech at his alma mater Pace University in 2014. He had earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from the Pace University – Lubin School of Business.


Technology and fashion are going hand in hand in that the fashion designers get to make what the customers require by the use of technology in different functionality and innovations. Technology is a place of experiment, a playground and when one gets to do research deeper the end results are always rewarding this is according to a fashion designer known as Anouk Wipprecht. She is a well-known designer who has designed the self-painting dress, drink making- dress and Pseudo morphs. Designers are now recycling materials to create very beautiful designs. A fashion designer known as SegraSegra is using the tubes of a bicycle to create t-shirts and jackets while Emma Whiteside made a large gown from recycled copper radiator. Technology has also enabled fashion to conserve the environment. For example kinetic energy caused by movement can be transformed to power for mp3 and watches. Technology has proven that if used together with the fashion it can change the future of the fashion industry by creating more beautiful clothes.

Burch Creative Capital is headed by Christopher Burch, he has run the company to where it is now because of the skills he has in sales and marketing. Also the use of technology has boosted the company in a big way. Chris has been in fashion, real estate and technology industries. He graduated from Ithaca College and this is where his career began. He started up the Eagles Eye Company with his brother. They together grew it to a $165 million venture but then they later sold it to Swire Company. In the field of real estate, he has invested both locally and internationally where he has developed luxury homes in Florida, Southampton, Palm Beach and Nantucket. He came up with accessories, apparel and home décor retailer company known as the C. Wonder. which later on was bought by Xcel Brands.

In the year 2014 Burch partnered with Ellen DeGeneres in launching her lifestyle brand, ED. Sometime in the year he launched luxury prefab homes with contemporary designs, space-saving floor plans, efficient features and very beautiful finishes. Currently he is in support of consumer luxury and other lifestyle products that ranges from retail, apparel and home furnishings to the hospitality and technology industries. Apart from this he has been the president of the Pierre Hotel, also a member of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation and has contributed in initiatives and funding various organizations such as the China Association of Social work, the Henry Street Settlement and Mt. Sinai hospital.


Comparative Constitutional Law Case Study

Comparative constitutional law, according to case studies review, involves the study of differences and similarities between laws that govern different countries. To be specific, comparative constitutional law mainly involves the study of various legal systems and families that exist in the universe. These legal and families systems include common law, canon law, civil law and Chinese law. The importance of comparative constitutional law has increased enormously in the current age of internationalism, democratization and economic globalism. The modern comparative constitutional law can be traced back to the 18th century in Europe although legal scholars were still practicing similar methodologies even before the 18th century.


According to Professor Sujit Choudhry, a graduate of Harvard University with bachelor’s degree in Law says that a constitution is an object that can manage a smooth transition of violent conflict to the peaceful democratic societies. His illusion of hatred among ethics and federalism divided states is included. Professor Sujit Choudhry has a tireless dedication towards eradicating hatred among people and therefore has edited a collection of written materials as a method to fight the vice. The edited work includes Constitutional Design for Divided Societies, The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution among many others. Professor Sujit Choudhry, being a member of the Board of the Constitution Court Review and the Editorial Advisory Board of the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law has played a great role in international meditations.  Based on


Professor Sujit Choudhry was a Dean in the Faculty of Berkeley law at the University of California between the year 2014 and 2016. During his leadership tenure in the Californian University, he launched a series of initiatives that he used to implement the agenda of innovation, Service, and Globalization. Also, during his reign, Professor Sujit Choudhry played a critical role in the establishment of Berkeley Law Opportunity Scholarship which later played a significant role in social mobility and specialized recruitment. The move saw many African and Latino students become enrolled in the university and therefore raising the ratio of African, Latino and American students. During his leadership period at the Californian University, Sujit Choudhry was a member of United Nations Mediation Roster, founder director of Center for Constitutional Transitions and a consultant in the World Bank Institute that worked for foreign constitution expert that enabled the constitution transition in countries such as Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and Jordan. Amazon has however walked hand in hand with Professor Sujit Choudhry in ensuring that his work is printed and sold.

Special info here.

From the above review, it is evident that Professor Sujit Choudhry has dedicated his life to fighting the social injustices that are rotting the society currently. I strongly agree that Sujit will not find sleep until he ensures that comparative constitutional law is achieved.

To know Choudhry better, visit this

Making the world a Better Place with Patty Rocklage

Patty Rocklage is a successful therapist and a caring wife at home. She is also an approved marriage and family consultant. She has more than 20 years in the industry of psychotherapist. She is very devoted to help couples and relatives to overcome their life challenges. In the year 1981 she graduated from the University of California. She is located in Sudbury, Massachusetts.


Patty Rocklage is as well a better public speaking, group building and also she contributes to the community charities. Patty and her husband Dr. Scott Rocklage they contributed in the development of Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT). Through funding them in refurbishing their nanochemistry and nanotechnology test centers, whereby the establishment of Dr. Scott Rocklage Department of chemistry was placed there.


Patty Rocklage and her husband home are presented as an example in the Sudbury Construction Companies website. The organization takes the responsibilities as an extensive need to modernize houses The Sudbury Company is better in making brilliant renovation at a low cost and consume less time, effort and assets. Some of the services they offer are case studies and interior and exterior refurbish. Patty and her husband went to the company to pursue for assistance so that they refurbish their house because they were not happy with their house.


Patty Rocklage and her husband were not pleased with their kitchen zone. By moving the sitting room zone from the back door to an extra secret zone and making a counter area via using counter tops created from the wood the kitchen will be renovated. Also the cabinetry was renovated in order to let the addition of huge show space as well as the visible frontage of the house was fixed by comprising a front door. Many more things were renovated, they are both happy with renovation and they recommend people to the company because they are efficient.



10 Life Hacks Everyone Should Get On Board With

Wengie, the blogger who is known for her beauty blogs, has come up with some pretty cool ways to make life a little easier. Unlike other life hacks, these life hacks are actually ones that everyone would use in everyday life. Here are the ten life hacks that she has listed in her video:

  • Old Jumper-Use a razor if you don’t have a lint roller or don’t have the money to waste on a new one every time you need one.
  • Easier Way to Open up Key Ring- Use a stapler to open it up, even works for opening key ring.
  • Way to Remember What You Normally Accidentally Leave Behind in Morning-Stack up all of your items the night before on top of the things that you never forget
  • Making Sure No One Will Know What You Wrote in Pen-Instead of scribbling out what you wrote left to right, because that still leaves it visible, scribble it out then write random numbers and letters on top of it.
  • Avoiding Folding Clothes- Lay your clothes on your bed so that you won’t forget to fold them later.
  • Stuffing Items into Bag Randomly- If you have documents that are super important, than just use a zip-lock bag and put a piece of cardboard in it to create a protective pouch.
  • Garbage Liquids at The Bottom of Garbage Can- Put newspaper in the bottom of the new bag and the liquids will get soaked up.
  • Water Temperature Problems- Use a marker on the side of the shower knob to mark where your favorite temperature is located.
  • Cereal Stops Being Crunchy Toward End of The Packet- Use a colander/strainer to sift out the little crumbs.
  • Forgetting What You Have in The Cupboards and Accidentally Buying Extras of What’s Not Needed-Take photos of your fridge and cupboards to keep track of what you have.