Packers Fans in Seattle


It has become a very interesting time and age that we now live in due to the influx of social media and technology that we have at our fingertips at any given second of the day. This has allowed stories to hit the internet and gain vast amounts of popularity in professional sports and a new story is hitting Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers fans. Richard Sherman has even commented on it, as his name and jersey were involved in the exchange that occurred at the game on Sunday when the Seahawks came back late in the game and shocked the Green Bay Packers, ending their season. There was a man and a son at the game sporting Packers jerseys and they were supposedly verbally attacked by a handful of people who were screaming vulgarities at them during the game. However, one Seahawks fan showed them a great deal of compassion and he joked it up with them throughout the game, even snapping a photo with them and offering to give them the Richard Sherman jersey that he was wearing. The story caught media attention after it gained a great deal of popularity as a feel good story on the internet and it has shed a good light on the typical brutal rivalries that some fans turn into fights and violence. I have noticed this kind of negative rivalry when I attend games with friends of mine like Marc Sparks.  Hopefully there can be more camaraderie rather than negativity at NFL games in the future.

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