OSI Food Solutions: The Sole Meat Supplier In Germany

OSI Food Solutions is a branch of a well-known company; OSI Group. It is based in Germany, and it has headquarters in Gunzburg. It majorly deals with the processing and manufacturing of food products. OSI Food Solutions supplies its poultry and meat products to McDonald’s Group. The company has a workforce of around 200 staff members and produces about 50,000 tons of pork and beef products per annum.

In 1988, the firm was started in Germany with its first production site. The company started as a joint venture between Otto and Sons Inc and Lutz Fleischwaren KG. The site has a production capacity of around 30,000 tons of poultry products per annum and had over 150 employees. OSI Food Solutions is the only company that supplies meat products to McDonald’s Germany. Their beef product supply is equivalent to 93%, and this was from the 150,000 medium-sized farms around the country. The balance of their supply is from Denmark, Austria, and Netherlands.

They produce and deliver different meat products to Finland, Denmark, Austria, Romania, Sweden, Cyprus, Hungary, Ukraine, Belgium, Bulgaria, and Portugal. They have a joined partnership with other distributors. They ensure that all their production is done from the distributor’s cold rooms and stores. This is an added advantage since there are able to manage and reduce logistics challenges. The concepts also help in the reduction of any pollutant emissions and noise pollution. Their transport services are vehicles that are bio-diesel operated.

OSI Food Solutions has a training program for its employees. They believe that their staff is the cornerstone of the future of their company. When you have the company expertise, it is best for the company. They have maintained that that program for over 15 years. They train their staff mainly as industrial clerks, food technologists, IT specialists, industrial mechanics, and in food industrial engineering.

The parent company that houses OSI Food Solutions is the OSI Group. The company is based in Aurora and best known as the supplier of meat products. They supply value-added meat products to all foodservice and food brands. They are in over 10 countries and many facilities. They process fruits, meats, beef, pork, pizza, and seafood.

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