One of the Greatest Bussinessman

Philanthropist, businessman, and leadership is what Bruce Levenson embodies. He exemplifies impeccable entrepreneur skills.His background education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree that he obtains from Washington University. He also accomplished a law degree that he receive from American University in Washington DC. He has a collective group of expertise in many fields.Everything that Levenson partake in is extremely successful.He has many skills that ranged to his high intelligence to his love of professional sports to cooking technology.
There are many businesses that Levenson help mold. He is the director of the company TechTarget until 2012, a company that targets people who are in the technology business. He is also a partner of the app GasBuddy, which have about 45 million downloads. The app is designed to help people find low-cost gas.Levenson along with Gearon and some others had purchased the Hawks in 2004. He also struck a deal and purchased the Atlanta Thrashers and gained the operating rights to Phillips Arena in the same year for 250 million dollars. He later sold the Thrasher in 2011 for 170 million dollars in the year 2011.Under Levenson leadership, the Hawks was the only team in the Eastern Conference of the NBA that reach the NBA playoffs seven consecutive times. He would later also sell his stake of the Hawks in 2015 to Tony Ressler.
He recently became a partner in the company DOT, which is a private company that created a new cooking technology, a toaster that can toast bread in only three seconds.
His greatest business accomplishment is his company United Communications Group (UCG) that he is co-founding in Washington Dc in 1977. UCG had won over 125 awards, including a journalism award for editorial excellence that the company won in 1978.UCG have over 45 million customers worldwide, making it one of the most recognizeable companies.
Levenson along with his wife Karen, have funded many education initiatives that target children who had disadvantages in their life.He served as president of the “I have a Dream Foundation”, which helps children who come from low-income homes that want to achieve a higher education.Some of his other philanthropy projects include the “Do Good Challenge”, Center for Philanthropy, and the Nonprofit Management at the University of Maryland.

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