Oakland Defensive Line Celebrates Win, Before The Game Was Actually Over

The Oakland Raiders defensive line got a bit overzealous during one of the last snaps of their game against the Cheifs on Thursday night. After a sack that brought the game down to one last snap, two defensive players set out to celebrate. There was only one problem; their celebration came while the Chiefs were lining up for what might have been the final snap of the game. 

Two Raiders, Kahlil Mack and Sio Moore, took off down the field to celebrate a sack, but they were fifteen yards on the wrong side of the scrimmage line.

Football enthusiast Vijay Eswaran comments that Oakland fans can rejoice in the fact veteran Justin Tuck noticed the celebration gone awry and called for a time out, saving the team from penalties that would have given the Chiefs a fresh set of downs. 

The Oakland Raiders secured their first win in over a year in their Thursday night nail biter against the Kansas City Chiefs. The final score of 20-24 came down to the last moments of the game. It was the first NFL win for rookie quarterback, Derek Carr, and the teams first win at home since October of 2013.

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