Milan Kordestani Believes The World Deserves The Exact Products They Want

Milan Kordestani was born on April 22nd of 1999. He has already been recognized for the articles he has published as a writer for the Huffington Post, his participation in international equestrian competitions and his contributions to Milan Farms. He currently lives in the Bay area is California and attended the Sacred Heart Preparatory. He graduated in 2017 and is now attending college. During the Worlds Championship of 2015 he was recognized for his 3rd place ranking in the seventeen and under Park Division. In the Worlds Championship of 2016 he placed second in the 5 gaited Show Pleasure Division. This officially established him as an accomplished equestrian.

Milan Kordestani is also making a name for himself due to his writings regarding the fields of politics, mental health and agriculture for the Huffington Post. He is also the Founder and CEO of Milan Farms. This signified the beginning of his journey in 2015 to create an organic and humane system for raising poultry. He also began growing saffron that is 100 percent pure. Milan Farms provides a variety of goods including organic and free range eggs, saffron and mint. The goal of Milan Farms is to provide consumers with an honest option. Their animals are raised with transparency and only organic options are employed for their plants.

Milan Kordestani believes consumers should be able to choose exactly what they want for their products. Their options should be honest, pure, readily available and there should not be secrets as to how the product was raised. This is the model of Milan Farms. The logo and brand for Milan Farms was trademarked in 2016. Since then they have expanded to three additional farms capable of distributing eggs throughout the west coast. They can distribute saffron all over the world.

Milan Farms has established a tradition for cultivating and producing saffron. They additionally believe in the importance of innovation. This is why drip irrigation is used. Milan Kordestani is also pursuing research into aquaponic and hydroponic systems to grow saffron. He has been successful in his pursuits but is continuing experimentation with salinity levels and various mineral to ensure the perfect water for the crops.

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