Marshawn Lynch Fined for Silence

Talking to the media has always been a key part of professional sports. Choosing not to talk to the media, however, can prove very costly, as Marshawn Lynch recently learned.

The Seattle Seahawks running back was fined $100,000 for his decision not to speak with the media this past Sunday after the game against the Kansas City Chiefs. This is also the third time that Lynch has been fined for not speaking, the most prominent one being during Super Bowl week this past year, when he blatantly stated “I’m just about that action, boss.”

With all of this being said, the NFL already has a policy in place that states that players on teams who get heavy media demands have to be readily available to the media so that they can cover their teams at least once a week during the season.  The decision to have players speak to the media mandatory can indeed create a lot of frustration, given the knowledge that the media is looking to exploit the players to create any news story they can grab onto says football fan Kenneth Griffin.

In spite of Lynch’s paycheck being docked significantly, the good news is that his money will go to former players who have their own foundations set up.

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