Malcolm Casselle Set To Bring Cryptocurrency To Gaming Industry

OPSkins, a company that already leads the pack globally in regards to selling virtual assets to customers in-game, has now added the title of leading merchant of bitcoins worldwide to its impressive list of accomplishments. Company CIO, Malcolm Casselle, explains that the company has a group of customers around the world that make payments to individuals and businesses in other parts of the world. This clientele has helped to propel the company to the top of the industry.

The leadership of OPSkins is hard at work preparing to launch a new blockchain platform what will be used to facilitate virtual asset trading that it will call Worldwide Asset Exchange. WAX is a marketplace for the P2P trading of virtual assets by use of blockchain as well as decentralized contracts that will streamline the process of trading virtual assets from person to person.

Casselle believes that WAX will successfully combat the problems of fraud and fragmentation, which many in the industry believe are the two major problems faced by the industry. The platform will seek to accomplish this by use of a widget enabled with blockchain technology that will allow users to make sales and purchases of virtual goods without ever leaving their game.

The present climate of virtual asset trading is a collection of regional ands local marketplaces that are often restricted by barriers in language, payment processing, and inability to provide adequate security for its users. Blockchain offers the perfect solution to this problem and Wax has positioned itself to be the pioneer of these efforts.

Likewise, the many problems with fraud that is experienced in the world of virtual asset sales and purchases can be greatly diminished by the use of blockchain technology. WAX is also providing added protection by requiring parties to a sale to sign a ‘smart contract’ to assure proper delivery of goods.

About Malcolm Casselle

Malcolm Casselle is a successful entrepreneur and acting CIO of OPSkins as well as the president of Worldwide Asset Exchange. Prior to his duties with OPSkins and Wax, Casselle held various positions for an assortment of successful companies.


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