Seymour Segnit’s Elegant MAGFAST Wireless Charging System

With the proliferation of mobile devices and the need to get matching chargers, keeping all your devices charged can wind up a cluttered mess of cables and different chargers. This is what the MAGFAST Charger system is designed to answer, by providing a complete suite of specialized chargers that interconnect and use Qi wireless charging technology.

These MAGFAST Charger components can fit together like a building-block set through the use of built-in magnets. They’re made with quality materials and produced with special in-house processes that make them durable. Though MAGFAST’s cost of construction and materials ends up a little higher, the result is a better product that will last and ultimately be the more economical choice. Get More Information Here.

Since they use Qi wireless charging, any device with wireless-charging capability will be able to use MAGFAST Chargers. MAGFAST is universally compatible and will end up costing even less since you won’t need to go and get a new type of charger for a different phone and mobile device.

MAGFAST Chargers not only have Qi wireless but also have other built-in charging adapters, spring-retractable connectors and both USB and USB-C inputs.

MAGFAST components are designed around special uses:

  • The LifeCharger is an easy-to-carry portable charger that’s simple to charge and will charge any wireless-capable device.
  • The LifeCharger Extreme portable charger is strong enough to charge a car but still allowable on passenger flights.
  • The RoadCharger plugs into your car and serves as a central charger of other components and devices through wireless capability, four USB slots and the retractable cable.
  • The AirCharger is specially built to plug into the wall and sit on a desk as a wireless charging stand for phones.
  • The WallCharger also plugs into a wall socket to act as a charging hub for devices and MAGFAST components
  • The TimeCharger is a stand for wirelessly charging an Apple Watch

MAGFAST is a concept and product designed by founder and CEO, Seymour Segnit. Segnit went to school at Oxford University to study engineering. He spent his early career in advertising at Ogilvy & Mather and Saatchi & Saatchi but turned his attention to communications and marketing and entrepreneurship. Among the ventures and companies in his resume are Capital FM, Virgin Atlantic and the SPEEDILICIOUS and CTRN: Change That’s Right Silicon Valley startups. See Related Link to learn more.


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