Maarten De Jeu Talks about the Upper Sides of Real Estate Investment

Maarten De Jeu is a prominent entrepreneur who also specializes in strategic planning. He has developed various companies and scaled them to great heights. His academic background is in M.A with a specialty in Public Administration. In addition to that, he holds an MBA from Oxford University. Maarten has expertise in global corporate strategy that has helped him grow many companies. The coverage includes countries in the United States, Asia, and Europe, as well. He gained experience from the TVDK Management Consultants and Aviva plc, London. On that account, he has deep insights regarding how commercial properties bring benefits to the table.

For starters, Maarten De Jeu expounds on the difference between commercial and residential property. According to him, commercial properties attract huge profits, unlike family homes. In addition to that, substantial capital is required to put up the buildings that will bring in some income. Commercial property can be in the form of manufacturing centers, warehouses, industrial parks, and office buildings. They are often large and have the upper hand for investors globally.


There is some great news since laws governing investment in the real estate sector are now favorable. For this reason, many people can invest comfortably in commercial property. The Crowdfunding technique allows fro those with minimum capital to be part of the business. Investors who are not accredited can deposit about $5,000 as the initial investment. The benefits come upon the sale of the property or receive monthly rent. Other advantages include;

Tax Deductions

The primary advantage that comes with commercial properties is paying less tax. It comes as a result of deduction based on property depreciation. Thus, the owner can use the money to repair the building or upgrade it by painting. As at now, there is an allowance of 20% deduction on the property. A tax professional comes handy at this stage to help with the filing.

Fewer Risks

In addition to that, real estate in the commercial sector has fewer risks as compared to traditional investments. They are immune to inflation shocks and value reduction that come in the stock markets. Therefore, the owners rest assured that they will receive rent at the end of every month. Learn more:

Definite Cash Flow

Investors have an upper side, and that is rent returns that help them cater to the cash flow. They can utilize the money in many ways to make them prosper. For instance, re-investing the money to another project is the best approach. Plus, they are almost sure that each month, their bank accounts get a deposit of the rent.

 Insurance Advantage

According to Maarten De Jeu, commercial property is the safest form of investment. In this case, storm or floods damage is catered for by the insurance company. Hence, the investor will not spend his or her finances for the repairs. The other vital benefit is that one can upgrade the buildings and improve them to attract clients. There is room for renovation so that they can impress new tenants.

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