Luiz Carlos Trabuco: The man who was determined

Bradesco Bank’s secret weapon..

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, CEO of Bradesco Bank, has devoted his life to stability and growth for Bradesco and the country it serves, Brazil. With over 200 million people in Brazil,

Bradesco made sure to answer the call for demand in the banking and insurance industry when other banks could not. Visit to know more.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has dedicated his life to Bradesco and the banking and insurance industry. He was awarded Insurance Personality of the Year two times. He achieved global recognition through his ability to stay positive and savvy in the world of finance-where the sharks live. It’s no secret Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a leader that requires an audience. His dedication to work and his loyalty to his vision has put him on the global map and pushed Bradesco to the forefront of the industry.

He graduated from the University of Sao Paulo in 1969, which he then was hired by Bradesco the same year. He has spent 38 years working up the ladder at Bradesco and his story is nothing short of inspirational and motivating for anyone with a sense of goals and achievements. His patience and loyalty to the company led to become President of Bradesco where he would later lead the merger of Bradesco, Itau, and Unibanco. This would be viewed at by many as the genius and strategic move it really was-partnering with their only competition in Brazil. Read more at Ultimo Segundo about Luis Carlos Trabuco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was also named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015. His acquisition with HSBC Bank and surrounding accolades at the time set this award in a sturdy footing of congruency. His desire to keep pushing the envelope is what has fueled Bradesco’s current state of compliance and success. They have maintained the top spot by offering more than 10,000 different branch locations and almost 40,000 express units for the people of Brazil. His dedication to his community and his marriage to Bradesco has become a recipe for a successfull delivery of a philanthropy and opportunity. I think we all could steal a page out of Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s playbook.


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