Kubiak Might Take Fox’s Place

With John Fox stepping down as head coach of the Denver Broncos and apparently moving on to the Bears, the Broncos now have an opening for the position of head coach. They are not letting grass grow under them. According to many reports, they are interviewing Baltimore Raven’s offensive coordinator, Gary Kubiak, for the job this weekend. Kubiak had said just this Sunday that he would not seek a head coaching position during playoffs, but this was clearly too good an opportunity to pass up.

If he gets the job, it will be a little bit of a homecoming. Kubiak was a backup quarterback and spent 11 seasons as an assistant to the Broncos. Kubiak had been doing well as the offensive coordinator of the Ravens since January of 2014. Before that, he had been the coach of the Houston Texans for 8 years. He brings the Broncos lots of experience. We can all hope that he can go home again, and the Broncos will get a good match in a coach. Rod Rohrich is excited to see if Kubiak will be up for the job.

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