Josh Verne Discusses How To Find Success in Life and Business

In a recent podcast, Josh Verne, the CEO of, discusses his perspective on how to succeed in life and business. was created for college students to read and express what’s important to them.


Josh Verne has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. He is an expert on starting, growing and selling businesses. Before Flocku, Verne served as a co-president for Home Line Furniture. Back in 2012, he founded the company along with his childhood friend, Paul Dumas, and then later sold it to Global Analytics Holding in 2014.


Verne begins the interview with his favorite success quote “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others” -Johnathan Swift. Throughout the interview, he gives out his many tips to achieve success in life and business. The first major tip he gives to be a leader and not a boss. Leaders are people who put others first and serve those who follow them. A few other tips he gives is to speak less and listen more, have balance in your life and figure out what you’re passionate about.


Verne believes finding your passion gives you the keys to the good life. This quote from the interview transcript says it best “While it is true that there are plenty of passionate people who are unsuccessful, there are very few successful people who lack passion.” When you find your passion in life, finding success in life and business becomes easier.


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