Jones Still Hopes to Keep Murray and Bryant

Dallas Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones is one of the richest owners of the NFL. However, he has to live within the salary cap rules just like every other team. This poses a problem when two of his star players are up for contract renewals in the same season. Namely the talented wide receiver Dez Bryant and this season’s league leading rusher Demarco Murray. So, who should Jones put his priority in and which can he afford to lose. Actually, this question is fairly easy for Jones and the Cowboys franchise. Most likely they will look to get an early contract with Bryant and put the franchise tag on Murray so they can handle his contract next year or vice versa.

But if the team had to choose which player to keep and which they could live without that would be simple as well. The team would need to stay with Bryant and let Murray face the uncertain waters of free agency. There is no doubt  to fans like Dave and Brit Morin of, that he would bring a steep price to any franchise. But with the depth that the Cowboys have at running back, their offensive line could block for anyone they potentially put in the backfield. Also, teams may not necessarily be looking to bring in another running back with Murray’s injury history that persisted in prior seasons and kept him sidelined. Also, a new concern of this year was his inability to stop fumbling the ball.

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