John Goullet’s Achievements In The Field Of IT Staffing

John Goullet is an entrepreneur and an IT staffing professional who serves as the principal of DIVERSANT LLC. Initially, he was working in IT consultancy before transitioning to IT staffing in 1994. By virtue of working in both sectors, John gained immense experience and knowledge that helped him to establish his own IT staffing firm known as Information Technologies. Through his transformative leadership, the company’s asset value increased to $30 million within five years of operation. Owing to his success, Goullet decided to enter into a partnership for purposes of expanding his operations. To this end, he agreed to merge his company with Diversant, Inc. to form a new corporation known as Diversant LLC.

In his current position, he is mandated with the duty of establishing strategies that will help the business to develop adequate solutions to the emerging challenges in the IT industry. He collaborates with other senior executives in ensuring that they deliver world-class services that meet the specific needs of their clients. Their excellent performance has seen them rise and become industry leaders, including being named the largest company owned by African-American in the United States. The corporation is regarded as a certified minority-owned business enterprise. Through his vast industry experience, John Goullet has managed to enhance the company’s growth, even during times of economic downturn.

As a creative thinker, he instills this value of integrity, honesty and hard work to his juniors, Over the years, he has managed to build a culture of respect, discipline and ethical behavior within the organisation. Goullet has also leveraged on teamwork to enhance operational excellence in the company. The corporation is well positioned to offer its esteemed clients with unmatched IT staffing services. John enrolled in Ursinus College where he graduated with a master’s degree in Computer Science.

During an interview, John Goullet said that he gets his business ideas from reading and tracking the labor markets to identify emerging opportunities. He posited that the rapidly growing and changing IT industry gives them hope for the future, as they are assured of increased demand for new technologies. John emulates best practices used by their superior rivals in the industry. He is also keen to recruit and retain best talents besides creating a culture of accountability in the company.


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