Jeremy Goldstein Shares His Secret in Overcoming Personal Doubt

Successful individuals have their own dose of struggles before they reach the pinnacle of what they are enjoying right now. And, New York lawyer Jeremy Goldstein is not an exception to the rule. In one of his interviews, he shared some insights about his career and about success in general.


Jeremy admitted that he had periods of discouragement when he was just starting his law firm. He said that one of the most difficult obstacles for anyone to get over with is the internal and personal battle with doubt. According to Jeremy, doubt is just based on your own feelings and is not in any way based on the situation in general.


To be able to overcome doubt, the lawyer-businessman shared that he concentrates on available tools to solve the problem at hand and fix the situation. Aside from this, Jeremy shared that each difficulty that he encounters in his business is always an opportunity that could help him grow as a person and as a business leader. He added that while doubt exists it never lasts and he noted that it is crucial that he always recognize it that way.


According to Jeremy, by recognizing his negative feelings and concentrating instead on his personal growth, he discovered that he think more critically and experience more success. During the interview, Jeremy recalled that his first-ever client came through a referral from a legal professional network where he is connected. He noted that most businessmen failed to recognize the role of referrals in the growth of their career and business.


Aside from referrals, Jeremy Goldstein also shared that he uses marketing through positive public relations to find the right kind of clients for his business. But, he said that not all publicity is good because negative publicity could technically damage any business. Jeremy added that in order for him to create the proper kind of publicity, he carefully chooses his legal cases based on the type of clients that he wants to attract.


Jeremy Goldstein is a corporate attorney specializing in acquisitions and company mergers. He is also adept in company governance and executive compensation. Jeremy offered close legal counsel during the buyouts of various corporations.


This includes AT&T Corporation, Sears and Kmart, JP Morgan and Chase, and South African Breweries PLC. He usually handles major company changes, managerial governance, and CEO guidance. With his impressive history of successful legal counsel for several biggest companies in the world, Jeremy Goldstein was named as the chairperson of the Merger and Acquisitions subcommittee of the business sector of the American Bar Association.


He is one of the top legal guide and most-sought after attorney for corporate compensation all over the US. At present, he is one of the partners of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC.


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