Jack Plotkin on the Future of Telehealth


People are living longer and it’s largely thanks to the many advancements that have been made when it comes to medicine and other forms of treatment. Diseases that were once considered terminal conditions can now be addressed in such a way that people can survive them.

Still, healthcare, as we know it today, is by no means a finished product. There remains plenty of room for improvement within the healthcare industry.

That is perhaps best exemplified by the fact that telehealth technology has yet to be utilized to its full potential.

In a post on Healthcare Business Today, Virtual Health CTO Jack Plotkin talked about the potential possessed by telehealth.

Plotkin highlighted how telehealth can be used to collect important data from patients without asking them to take on any additional tasks. Furthermore, telehealth can also be used to identify significant changes as they happen in patients in real-time, thus allowing healthcare professionals to address them more quickly.

It’s honestly difficult to overstate the potential usefulness of telehealth. So, why is it still being underutilized today?

Plotkin also addressed that question. According to him, one huge hurdle currently in the way of increased telehealth utilization is cost. Until more insurance companies start offering telehealth as a part of their policy, it may be too costly for many patients.

Jack PlotkinPlotkin noted that the healthcare industry is a conservative one, and because of that, it doesn’t welcome change as readily as others would. Plotkin also points to the fragmented structure of the healthcare as yet another reason why it is taking longer for telehealth to become more widely used.

Despite the obstacles currently in the way of further telehealth utilization, Plotkin remains confident that more healthcare professionals will see the great value in it. Sometime in the not too distant future, the provision of healthcare could become more convenient than it has ever been.

With people like Jack Plotkin leading the way, telehealth is poised to reach its full potential and improve the lives of millions of people in the process.

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