Is Football Safe?

Football players get injured all the time, and some of those injuries can be worse than others. Some of the injuries that are sustained by football players can lead to long term health problems, something that no one wants to deal with or face.

Chris Borland, a linebacker for the 49ers has decided to call it quits at the young age of 24. Why? This man is concerned that the fun of football might not be worth the risk that playing puts on him and his body. This man doesn’t want to face the head trauma that can come from an injury. This man wants to quit before he is faced with an injury that is hard to move on from.

Borland states that he has researched what can happen from playing football, and he is quitting now in order to stay healthy and safe stated This man doesn’t want to risk injury from a sport that can be so unsafe. Football is fun, but it can also be dangerous, and every football player puts himself at risk.

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  1. Caroline Dominique (Post author)

    While I acknowledge and share the same thoughts as Chris Borland, I believe risk is involved in every activity and sports is not an exception. However, type me an essay has gotten fantastic review about their services that has really broken some limitations. Having a broken leg or any other injury can lead a whole lot depression for any individual but such shouldn’t make one who can control the round object scare away from playing.


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