Hoyer over Manziel for Indy Game

Coach Mike Pettine of the Clevland Browns decided to stay with Brian Hoyer over Johnny Manziel for this weeks game against the Inianapolis Colts. Pettine feels like Hoyer gives them the best chance to win this week. Hoyer was benched in the fourth quarter of last week’s game against the Bills after throwing 2 interceptions and dispalying what can only be called questionable behavior.

Brad Reifler says that Hoyer has been almost solid this year until the last 4 games where his decisions on the field seem forced and out of place. The Browns remain in the playoff hunt and a win this week will gived them a even better chance of making the playoffs. Pettine felt like Hoyer was in a better position, having had the majority of snaps in games and practice this season.

The debate started when Manziel came into the game in the fourth quarter and took his team on an 80 yard jaunt to the end zone last week. 
I agree with Pettine on this. Hoyer is your best bet. He’s a veteran that can rebound from last week and like any good cowboy knows, you don’t change horses in the middle of the stream. Especially when that stream can lead to the playoffs. So good for you Brown’s coaching staff for not giving into fan pressure and your own fear.

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